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Sun poisoning, a severe sunburn, is no joke.

4 signs you could be experiencing sun poisoning and how to avoid it

Sun poisoning, a severe type of sunburn, can be dangerous and cause certain side effects. Here are some common symptoms of sun poisoning.

‘It’s like 1,000 needles poking your face’: Singapore man stranded at sea was so sunburnt that it hurt to touch sea water

The skin below his arms became stuck to the life buoy, causing him unbearable pain

The 4 fastest ways to relieve painful sunburns, according to a licensed dermatologist

Sunburns may seem hard to quickly relieve and heal. However, a licensed dermatologist interviewed by Business Insider has several clever, simple ways to ease the pain, including milk and pills you may already have in your medicine cabinet.

The most dangerous risks to your health this summer — and how to prevent them

Enjoy yourself in the summer. But when necessary, wear sunscreen and insect repellant, drink water, and practice caution — your life may depend on it.

11 tricks to help you cope with a nasty sunburn

It's almost a given that you're bound to get a nasty sunburn at least once this summer. Here are 11 tricks to relieve the burn.