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Nintendo’s huge bet on Mario for smartphones still hasn’t paid off

Despite being downloaded by millions, Nintendo says its smartphone game "Super Mario Run" still hasn't "reached an acceptable profit point."

The first ‘Super Mario’ game for Android is excellent, gorgeous, and too short

"Super Mario Run" is a genuinely impressive first entry for Super Mario on iPhone and Android devices. If only there were more of it!

Nintendo’s first Mario game for smartphones is headed to Android on March 23

"Super Mario Run" was an iPhone exclusive for 99 days.

Just 5% of people who downloaded ‘Super Mario Run’ paid $10 for the full game

Nintendo's big experiment with iPhone gaming isn't paying off.

Nintendo’s first iPhone game has a long-term revenue problem

It's looking more and more likely that Nintendo's first major iPhone game is more of an advertisement for Mario than a successful product.

It looks like ‘Super Mario Run’ is coming to Android sooner rather than later

Android users can now "pre-register" for Nintendo's big new mobile game, "Super Mario Run."

Nintendo’s stock is falling even though ‘Super Mario Run’ is a hit — and it makes total sense

Nintendo's stock soared after "Pokémon Go," even though it had nothing to do with the game. Now its stock is falling, even though "Super Mario Run" is popular.

‘Super Mario Run’ has blown away ‘Pokemon Go’ in its first few days, analysts say

Super Mario Run is off to a record-breaking start, according to estimates from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

Nintendo’s stock is falling amid negative reviews of the first ‘Super Mario’ game for iPhone

Nintendo's first ever Super Mario game for the iPhone is out now, and fans don't love it. Nintendo's stock price is responding accordingly.