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This sustainable LA distillery has the world’s largest portfolio of organic spirits, and yes, it translates to better flavor

Greenbar Distillery accidentally used organic ingredients in a batch — after tasting it, they switched to only organic overnight.

This startup plants 10 trees for every item it sells — here’s what its clothing is like in real life, beyond the Instagram hype

Canadian brand TenTree sells simple apparel that's sustainably made and plants 10 trees for every item purchased. We tried its clothing.
Matt & Nat is one of our favorite places to find beautiful vegan leather bags.

9 vegan leather work bags that look and feel like the real deal

Even if you're vegan, you can still enjoy the classic look of leather goods. Here are 9 beautiful work bags that are office-ready and completely vegan.

Google’s New York City office is one of the city’s biggest polluters, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio — and it could face millions...

The tech giant's New York City headquarters — located at 111 8th Avenue — would violate a section of Mayor de Blasio's "Green New Deal."
Hemp fibers are naturally stiff and ropy, but Levi's has discovered a way to make it feel like cotton.

Levi’s found a way to make hemp feel like cotton, and it could have big implications for your wardrobe

Levi's debuted a soft cotton-hemp blend, and its head of innovation expects to have 100% cottonized-hemp garments in five years.
Mike Cessario

A former Netflix creative director just got $1.6 million from big names in tech for Liquid Death, which is water in a tallboy can

Liquid Death is water for straight-edge punks who don't drink alcohol or soda. It now has funding from the Twitter cofounder Biz Stone and others.

We asked 4 women to try Athleta’s new sustainable swimsuits made from recycled nylon — here’s what they thought

As you look to reduce your environmental impact, Athleta's swimsuit collection is a reminder that even the small things can make a difference.
Bureo x Costa Untangled Sunglasses made from recovered fishing nets.

11 ocean-friendly companies like Patagonia and Adidas that are removing plastic from our seas and transforming it into cool new products

This day in age, it's almost hard to justify buying much of anything not made with recycled plastic. Here's a list of our favorite brands doing their part.

I bought these reusable paper towels after seeing them on ‘Shark Tank’ and they’ve helped me cut down on a ton of waste

These $13 reusable bamboo 'paper' towels from "Shark Tank" clean my home better than regular paper towels — and they're more eco-friendly.
Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber.

Top companies say they’re working to help the environment. Now the CEO of food giant Danone is funding a UN-backed tool that will keep them acco...

The team behind the B Corp certification has partnered with the United Nations to create an ambitious sustainability tool set to launch next year.