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A scene from Sydney, Australia as taken from a Google Earth screenshot and edited with software including Snapseed.

A photographer edits Google Earth photos to showcase some of the world’s lesser-known destinations without even leaving his house

The photographer Daniel Celan told Insider: "Maybe it will bring them a tourist or two — so that thought makes me happy."
This photo taken on December 18, 2019 shows volunteer firefighter Gary Stokes monitoring bushfires close to the residential area in Dargan, some 120 kilometres from Sydney. - Bushfires have been raging along Australia's east coast for months, burning three million hectares (7.4 million acres) -- equivalent to the size of Belgium -- and razed more than 800 homes in worst-hit New South Wales alone.

28 photos show the reality for firefighters and residents battling hundreds of deadly Australian bushfires that are raining ash onto major cities and ...

Australia is currently battling some of the worst bushfires it has ever seen. Here are the people on the frontlines of that fight.
Melbourne's city skyline on the left in August 8, 2019 and on the right on December 20, 2019.

Before-and-after photos show what Melbourne looked like before its skyline clouded in a smoky haze due to bushfires

Fires are raging in the state of New South Wales as Australia faces record-high temperatures. They are becoming more extreme due to climate change.
The protest on Barangaroo Wharf, in Sydney, Australia, displayed signs that read "fish feel pain" and "stop floundering, go vegan."

Vegan protesters dressed up as dead fish outside a Sydney Christmas market to try and stop people from eating seafood

PETA protesters dressed as fish were demonstrating against "festive frenzy," the annual 36-hour seafood marathon at Australia's Sydney Fish Market.
Left: An installation dubbed "The Burnt Christmas Tree" to support the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund in Sydney on December 18, 2019. Right: Trees burn as a bushfire threatens homes on the outskirts of the town of Bilpin, near Sydney, on December 19, 2019.

An Australian artist built a haunting Christmas art installation made of debris from the deadly bushfires raging across the country

The piece is called "Burnt Christmas Tree" and it was created by Australian artist James Dive using materials gathered from areas devastated by fires.
A seagull perches on a sign as a ferry can be seen through smoke haze from bushfires, in Sydney, Australia, December 10, 2019.

Sydney looks like a smoke-drenched apocalyptic nightmare. It’s all because of a ‘perfect storm’ of factors.

The current period of poor air quality in New South Wales is both the "longest" and "most widespread" on record.
The smoke covered Sydney city Opera House and Harbour Bridge are seen as a man takes a picture at Mrs Macquarie's Chair on Sydney Harbour on November 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. NSW remains under severe or very high fire danger warnings as more than 50 fires continue to burn across the state. Six lives and 530 homes have been lost since NSW bushfire season hit, with more than 420 homes destroyed in the past fortnight alone. )

13 photos show Sydney under a blanket of smoke as bushfires continue to ravage the region

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service warned that the smoke is "likely to hang around for the next few days."

Singapore beats Tokyo and Sydney to take top spot in APAC investment market: ULI and PwC

Singapore saw a 73% year-on-year growth in the first half of the year to US$4 billion in deals.
Melbourne, Australia, is one of the most livable cities in the world.

The 10 most livable cities in the world in 2019

The Economist Intelligence Unit released its annual Global Livability Index, measuring the world's most livable cities. No US city made the top 10.
Video footage shows the suspect pinned down under chairs and with his head under a plastic crate by members of the public before police arrived.

People chased down a stabbing suspect in Sydney and trapped him under chairs and plastic crates until police arrived

Video shows the man, accused of stabbing at least one woman and trying to stab more, climbing on a car holding a knife before witnesses caught him.