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People walk past debris in Arhab, Yemen in January 2013 after a Houthi bomb was dropped there during a fight against Sunni tribesmen.

These are the 10 riskiest countries in the world to visit — and why

A 2019 World Risk Map compiles data in five categories to assess travel risks, including political, security, medical, infrastructural, and environmental threats. Here's a look at the 10 riskiest countries in the world for travelers.
Iraqi Shiite militia fighters celebrate with an ISIS flag after breaking the siege of Amerli by ISIS militants, September 1, 2014.

Trump says ‘ISIS is defeated’ — the Pentagon says not quite

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that ISIS has been defeated. He's made similar comments before, but military officials have always been more circumspect, saying that even though the terror group has lost nearly all of its territory it remains a threat.
The US Air Force's F-22 Raptor.

F-22 stealth jets got 587 enemy aircraft to back off in their first ‘combat surge’ over Syria

The Pentagon said the F-22 "deterred" 587 bogeys in the process, suggesting the jet commands some respect against older, Russian-made models often in operation by Russian and Syrian forces.
Members of the 5th Special Forces Group conducting weapons training during counter-ISIS operations at the al-Tanf garrison in southern Syria.

A US base in Syria is a huge thorn in Russia and Iran’s side — but they can’t do much more than complain about it

Moscow, Tehran, and the Syrian government have repeatedly accused the US of training Islamic State fighters at the al-Tanf garrison without offering any credible evidence. And that seems as if it's all they can do to undermine the US.
The Russian Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine Severodvinsk

Russia’s submarines are showing they can strike deep inside Europe, and they’ve got the US Navy on edge

Western officials have warned repeatedly about Russia's increasingly sophisticated and active submarines, but it's what those submarines can do to land targets that may stir the most worry among those leaders and the US Navy.
Will US Air Force pilots in Syria be targeted by Russian-made missile defenses?

Russian missile defenses arrive in Syria — and US and Israeli fighters could be in the crosshairs

The US, like Israel, has vowed to continue operations in Syria until Iran backs off. With a very small ground presence in Syria, the US largely relies on air power to protect its forces.
Iran fires missiles at targets in Syria

Iran made a ridiculous excuse after shooting itself with a failed ballistic missile

Iran on Monday fired a barrage of ballistic missiles at what it called terrorist militants in Syria, but Kurds in Iran's northeast reported soon after that they had been struck by one of the missiles.
A US Air Force F-22 Raptor flies over the Arabian Sea in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, Jan. 27, 2016.

Russian fighter pilot says he beat an F-22 in a mock dogfight and locked onto it, but the Pentagon threw cold water on the claims

An unofficial account of a Russian pilot of the Su-35, Russia's top jet fighter, posted pictures claiming to show a US F-22 Raptor stealth jet flying in the skies above Syria as proof that his older, bigger jet could kill it.
President Donald Trump is adopting a new strategy for Syria that will see US troops remain there indefinitely.

Trump now plans to keep US troops in Syria until Iran gets out, which means America may never leave

President Donald Trump is reportedly adopting a new strategy in Syria that will see US troops remain there indefinitely. Now that the Islamic State has largely been defeated and driven into the desert, the Trump administration wants to focus on ensuring all Iranian forces leave Syria moving forward.
An S-300 air defense missile system launches a missile during the Keys to the Sky competition at the International Army Games 2017 at the Ashuluk shooting range outside Astrakhan, Russia August 5, 2017.

Moscow to arm Syria with advanced anti-aircraft missiles after a massive air battle downed a Russian plane

Russia will arm its Syrian partners with advanced S-300 anti-aircraft weapons systems, as well as target the electronic systems of any military aircraft that launches strikes on Syria, the Russian defense ministry revealed Monday in response to the accidental shootdown of a Russian plane last week.