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Tommy John is one of Insider Picks' favorite places to shop for underwear, but they offer much more.

Tommy John, the popular underwear brand, has grown to be a line of wardrobe essentials — here are our favorite pieces

Tommy John redesigned underwear for the better, but it makes more than briefs. Here are our favorite items, including button-ups, loungewear, and more.

The best women’s T-shirt brands

The T-shirt is a basic closet staple, but some options are infinitely better than others. These are the best places to shop for women's T-shirts.

The best men’s T-shirts you can buy

T-shirts may seem basic, but some are just better than others. We've rounded up our favorite men's T-shirts from brands we trust.
The Everlane Cotton V-Neck, $18, is a team favorite.

The 7 white T-shirts we buy over and over again

Every woman needs a great white T-shirt in her wardrobe. These are the 7 we swear by in our own lives.
Target's adorable "UV Dog T-Shirt" allows your pup to safely enjoy the summer.

Target is now selling a UV T-shirt for dogs to keep your pet safe in the sun

The blue and white striped T-Shirt comes printed with a sunglasses graphic that says "Fun in the Sun" in the lenses.
The shirt first drew attention from a Reuters photograph.

Walmart stops selling controversial shirt that encourages lynching journalists

Walmart removed a shirt that reads "Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED." from its website.