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The Fresh Market will begin selling Amanti Guacamole Cheese at each of its 161 locations.

Someone invented ‘guacamole cheese’ that’s pale green and can be served melted, shredded, or in chunks

The guacamole-flavored cheese combines avocado and lime juice with a touch of chili, tomato, onion, and garlic.
Drinking cocktails by the sea is one thing — drinking them on the sea is another.

A bright green floating taco and cocktail bar just opened in the Caribbean

Guests can either swim up to the bar and perch on one of the submerged stools, or boats can pull up and grab their food and drinks to go.
Torchy's Tacos was even better than we expected.

We visited a Texas taco chain with a cult following that’s growing across America. Here’s why Chipotle should be terrified.

Torchy's Tacos has won over a loyal following with its top-notch queso and tacos with names like The Republican and The Trailer Park.
These tips can take your taco to the next level.

10 tips to make your homemade tacos taste as good as from a restaurant

There is nothing like going out for tacos. We asked experts for their tips on how you can make your homemade tacos taste just like restaurant tacos.
For one week, I at a lot of vegan tacos.

I tried following the ‘Taco Cleanse’ for a week and it was harder than it sounds

I tried following the seven-day "Taco Cleanse" that includes eating tacos that are vegan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The government has been shut down for 20 days.

From free pizza to complimentary movies, here are 10 heartwarming ways people are helping federal employees during the government shutdown

As federal employees go another day without pay during the government shutdown, people are offering free meals and services to those in need.

On National Taco Day, I like to remember the best possible way to eat them — from a truck, in LA, at a gas station

I love tacos, but I'm also a horrible taco snob. I only like mine served off a truck in a gas station parking lot in Los Angeles. And I don't like to spend more than $10.
Taco Bell has some tacos that are designed for international tastes.

Taco Bell has some incredible tacos you can’t find in America — here’s what they’re like

Taco Bell is launching new tacos around the world that can't be found on American menus. They're designed to win over locals. We tried the tacos you can't get in America and discovered they were some of the best innovations that Taco Bell has ever created.
Dancers of the Ballet Folklorico Mexicano before performing at the White House on May 3, 2012.

The real history of Cinco de Mayo, and how it’s celebrated around the world

No other country, including Mexico, celebrates Cinco de Mayo like it's celebrated in the US. Here's the real story behind May 5.

Taco Bell is bringing one of its most bizarre creations back to locations across America — here’s what it’s like

Taco Bell is bringing back the Naked Egg Taco, a breakfast taco that uses a fried egg as the shell.