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A soldier stands in downtown Tunis on March 24, after Tunisia's president ordered the army to patrol the streets and enforce a public curfew from 6 pm to 6 am to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Robots, government-mandated selfies, and military lockdowns — here are some of the innovative and sometimes startling ways in which countries ar...

Countries are trying to contain the spread of coronavirus. Taiwan is tracking mobile phones while Tunisia has military personnel lining the streets.
Staff accompanying passengers outside a centralized facility for screening and registration near the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

New coronavirus cases in Asian countries that seemed to have outbreaks under control are being blamed on people fleeing Europe

A new wave of coronavirus cases in Asia is said to be made up of mostly "imported cases" from people flying home to escape the outbreaks in Europe.
Parents wearing face masks wait for their children outside an elementary school in Xindian district, March 3, in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Taiwan has only 77 coronavirus cases. Its response to the crisis shows that swift action and widespread healthcare can prevent an outbreak.

The government acted swiftly, taking advantage of infrastructure and data analytics, affordable healthcare, and extensive educational outreach.
Hong Kong Disney Land during the 2020 Lunar New Year amid the coronavirus outbreak (top), and during the 2006 Lunar New Year's regular season (bottom).

Photos of iconic tourist destinations in China, Italy, and Thailand reveal empty festivals, vacant water parks, and trapped people as the coronavirus ...

As the coronavirus outbreak forces flight cancelations and quarantines, the tourism industry is facing a slowdown.
The cruise ship MS Westerdam at dock in the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

More than 780 Westerdam travelers trapped in Cambodia over coronavirus fears just tested negative for COVID-19 and can finally go home

This saga hasn't ended for everyone: 747 crew members remain stuck on the Westerdam, which is docked in Cambodia. Their COVID-19 tests are up next.
After being refused by five ports over fears that someone aboard may have coronavirus, the Westerdam is seen arriving in Sihanoukville port in Cambodia.

A cruise ship was stranded at sea for 2 weeks after 5 ports rejected it over coronavirus fears — but no one was actually infected

The ship was stranded at sea and quarantined for 13 days as port after port rejected it, fearing passengers were infected with the Wuhan coronavirus.
A Holland America Line ship.

After 13 days at sea and refusal by 5 ports, passengers aboard the Westerdam cruise ship are slated to disembark in Cambodia

Passenger Christina Kerby said people were "elated that we have a destination" and "dancing and celebrating" on their last night on the Westerdam.
A Holland America Line ship.

A cruise ship has been turned away by 5 countries despite no passengers testing positive for the coronavirus

The WHO said that there's "no such thing as zero risk" and that countries should uphold the "human rights of travelers" amid the coronavirus outbreak.