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Dairy products from Mexico's Grupo Lala at a store in Ciudad Juarez, June 19, 2017.

Another major Mexican company is shutting down some of its operations amid record levels of violence

Violence continues to set records in Mexico, and while the country remains an attractive place to do business, companies are deciding that in some areas, it's not worth the risk.
People near the international border in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, January 28, 2017.

A violent Mexican city on the US border has seen a wave of disappearances — and marines are being accused of carrying them out

Nearly two dozen people have gone missing in Nuevo Laredo since February, and many on the ground believe that Mexican marines deployed there for fight crime are responsible for them.
Former Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte is handcuffed after a court appearance for extradition proceedings in Guatemala City, June 27, 2017.

A former Mexican governor has been accused of involvement in forced disappearances, and it points to a sinister problem with Mexico’s police

Disgraced former Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte has been accused of stealing more than $3 billion, and now officials are formally accusing him of involvement in forced disappearances.
Gulf cartel leader Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, aka "El Coss," in Mexico City after his capture, in September 2012.

Mexico took down another high-profile cartel leader, and the backlash may have already started

Less than a day after the arrest, local residents reported gunfire and other violence.
Martiniano de Jesus "N," suspected of masterminding the killing of 72 Central American migrants in Mexico in 2010, was arrested on November 14, 2017.

The alleged mastermind of one of Mexico’s worse massacres has been captured

The 56-year-old suspected was arrested at a hospital in Tamaulipas.

The breakdown of one of Mexico’s most powerful cartels is driving violence in a valuable border city

Mexico's criminal groups have gone through waves of fragmentation in recent years, perhaps none more so than the Gulf and Zetas cartels.

Turmoil in Mexico’s criminal underworld is intensifying the violence in a valuable border territory

Mexico's northeastern border with the US has been prime territory for cartel-related violence, and that trend appears to have deepened in recent months.

2 high-profile jailbreaks have put the weakness of Mexico’s prisons on vivid display

Nearly two years after "El Chapo" Guzman's brazen jailbreak, inmates in Mexican prisons can still act with near impunity.

Italy and Mexico tracked down a fugitive mafia leader using his Facebook posts

An Italian fugitive convicted on drug-trafficking charges was apprehended in Mexico over the weekend, apparently tracked down by his Facebook page.

‘I don’t give a damn who you are’: The roadside showdown that made a Mexican kingpin a marked man

US agents driving through a border town in late 1999 came face to face with one of Mexico's top cartel kingpins — a showdown they weren't sure they'd survive.