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The small-format Target store in Tribeca carried most of what Target traditionally has, but not everything.

We compared a small Target store in the city with a suburban-style Target. Here’s how they stacked up.

Target has been expanding its fleet of small-format stores in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Here's how they compare to a traditional Target.
Some Halloween decorations are spooky and practical.

8 Halloween decorations an interior designer would buy at Target right now

From light-up skulls to spirit-summoning serving platters, here are some of the best spooky items you can find at Target this year.
Derek Smiley and Jessica Giromini Smiley met while working at Target.

These couples took engagement photos in their favorite stores, and fluorescent lighting has never looked more romantic

Couples who took engagement photos in stores like Target, Costco, and Publix made the fluorescent lighting look as romantic as any candle-lit setting.

Target surges 17%, set for record high after smashing forecasts and raising profit outlook

Sales at Target stores climbed 3.4% in the second quarter as foot traffic increased and digital sales continued to grow.
Jeffrey Epstein died on August 10.

Major retailers including Nordstrom, Macy’s, and JCPenney reportedly joined Victoria’s Secret in using a modeling agency with ties to Jeff...

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's death, discoveries of his wide-ranging ties to the retail industry only continue to grow.
Target's new food collection.

Target is launching its own food brand as it doubles down on grocery and takes on Walmart

The new collection, which launches on September 15 with 650 products, will eventually stretch to 2,000 total by the end of next year.
The ceramic pots contain faux succulents.

Target is selling an entire line of Halloween-inspired succulents and they’re all under $5

These tiny and spooky faux planters can be added to your home's decor every October ... or year-round.
"We've seen it all," a Costco employee told Business Insider.

Costco, Walmart, and Target workers handle some ridiculous returns, from entire lawn sets to used toilets

Costco, Walmart, and Target have policies allowing customers to return items for a refund or store credit — and workers sometimes get strange returns.
Trader Joe's is eliminating plastic for its garlic, making it cheaper.

5 eco-friendly moves companies made that customers loved — and 6 moves customers absolutely hated

While Starbucks nixed the straw in favor of a criticized sippy cup, Trader Joe' was praised for cutting the plastic around garlic, reducing prices.
Couples are taking engagement photos at their favorite stores.

Couples are taking engagement photos at stores like Target and Costco. Here’s why it’s a growing trend.

We asked photographers why people are taking engagement photos in grocery stores and fast food chains — and what might be behind this growing trend.