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Trump said China would more than double its agricultural purchases from the US. Farmers are skeptical.

At a press conference Friday night in Beijing, China declined to confirm a farm purchase quota touted by the White House.
Backers of the Coolest Cooler were expecting a "portable party ." Instead what they got was a lesson in how crowdfunding really works.

How the Coolest Cooler went from one of the most successful Kickstarters ever to the site’s ‘biggest disaster’

The Coolest Cooler was a hit with Kickstarter users raising over $13 million from more than 62,000 backers. Thousands of them will never see the product.

17 photos from inside Trump’s tour of an Apple factory with Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook showed President Trump the factory where Apple is working on the new $6,000 Mac Pro, set to ship next month.

Trump said he made the ‘biggest deal ever’ with China for farmers, but a written resolution to the trade war is still a long way off

Friday's pact represents a significant step, but a written deal hasn't been reached and could still fall apart.

Trump says his trade team will talk with China days before planned tariff escalation

China had earlier softened its tone and signaled that it could delay or even avert planned escalations with the US.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump.

Trump sent the Canadian Embassy a note joking that he hoped Trudeau wasn’t ‘the anti-Trump,’ and the Canadian ambassador reportedly ...

Trump reportedly wrote "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" in silver Sharpie on a 2017 magazine cover that called Justin Trudeau the "anti-Trump."

China and the US are trading blame as tariff threats loom

Trade tensions between Beijing and Washington have steadily risen since negotiations stalled in May.

Trump is getting closer to a win on his major new trade deal with Canada and Mexico

The US, Canada, and Mexico are moving closer to finalizing a trade deal that would replace the 25-year old NAFTA.
President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday.

Trump reportedly believes economically illiterate claim that China ‘pays’ for trade war tariffs ‘like theology’

The reality is that both the US and China suffer. And in the US, Trump's core base — blue-collar workers and farmers — is hardest hit.

Trump’s negotiating team just gave China a trade-war deadline that could have widespread consequences for the US economy

Trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing appeared to end with neither a deal nor a breakdown on Friday.