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We asked every 2020 Democrat how they would approach a trade war that has shaken the global economy. Only a handful of them had a plan.

Many of the Democratic campaigns demurred, underscoring the awkward spot Trump has put the party in.

China says the US needs to lift tariffs before final trade deal

China has been slow to confirm details on key parts of the partial agreement with the US, which has not yet been put on paper.
Target recorded its strongest quarterly growth in shopper traffic in more than a decade.

US retail sales unexpectedly drop as Trump’s trade war hits the backbone of the economy

The Commerce Department said Wednesday retail sales fell 0.3% last month, the first decline since February and compared with a 0.6% rise in August.

Farmers are skeptical of the partial trade pact Trump announced with China

Questions over a US-China trade announcement have mounted since last week, particularly within the agricultural sector.

Trade wars could slow global growth to weakest pace since financial crisis, IMF warns

Trade tensions could push the world economy to grow at its slowest pace since the financial crisis a decade ago, the IMF warned Tuesday.
President Donald Trump attends a bilateral meeting with Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan during the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan, June 29, 2019.

Trump hits Turkey with sanctions over military operation against Kurds in Syria

This move adds to the already complicated nature of the relationship between Turkey and the US, who are technically allies as members of NATO.

The Trump administration says more China tariffs could be imposed in December

The agreement was "subject to documentation" and could still result in tariff increases in December, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Monday.

China is reportedly not ready to sign a partial trade deal with the US

With details on core issues still elusive, officials said they did not expect to have the text of the agreement ready for several weeks.

The US and China reportedly reach a partial trade agreement

But progress toward the structural changes President Donald Trump has sought from China remained elusive.
A specialty cheese display at a Manhattan Whole Foods.

Experts say that Trump’s European tariffs could send the cheese industry into chaos — and some popular cheeses could get more expensive

The US was approved to levy tariffs on $7.5 billion worth of products like cheese and olive oil from the EU following a WTO decision on October 2.