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Trump reportedly talked at a Hamptons fundraiser about putting a massive tariff on French wine

The reported remarks, which may not have been serious, come amid a dispute over a new French tax on big tech companies such as Google and Amazon.

A new report offers fresh evidence that Trump’s trade-war tariffs are hurting the US — even though he says they’re not

"The data illustrate a considerably more widespread effect of higher input costs among service firms than in last year's survey," the NY Fed wrote.

‘The longer the trade war goes on, the weaker China gets’: Trump doubles down on tariff threats despite recession concerns

Trump has maintained a defiant stance even after a key indicator warned this week that the US economy could be headed for a potential recession.

Trump baselessly claims the press is trying to ‘crash the economy’

First it was the Federal Reserve. Now it’s the press. Trump wants someone to blame for recession concerns.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board warns against a tariff-fueled ‘Navarro recession’ for the second time in one week

Investors have become increasingly unnerved by slower global growth and escalating global tariff disputes.

China threatens to retaliate against the US as Trump prepares more tariffs

But both sides have expressed willingness to hold further high-level talks, staving off some concerns about the world economy.

The US-China trade war falls into ‘purgatory’ after Trump delays a portion of tariffs

The move to delay tariffs appeared to be met with little progress on key disputes and signaled a less defiant stance from the Trump administration.
President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping meet in Beijing in November.

Trump’s escalating trade war with China is starting to hurt the US job market

There's anxiety among business owners and corporate executives over Trump's trade war with China. It may force them to back off hiring workers.

‘We’re doing this for the Christmas season’: Trump’s latest comments suggest tariffs could hurt American consumers

The comment was a reversal for Trump, suggesting that trade-war costs could fall on American businesses and consumers.

Stocks are sliding due to a ‘smorgasbord of risks’ across Argentina, Italy, Hong Kong, and Singapore

An election upset tanked markets in Argentina, Italy's ruling coalition is in disarray, and Hong Kong protests are continuing.