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One of Wall Street’s biggest bulls lays out how a US-China trade deal would reverse the Fed’s path to a rate cut and send stocks flying

The S&P 500 hit a record high after the Federal Reserve held interest rates steady at its June meeting.

Industry leaders are ‘freaking out’ about tariffs and clamoring for warehouses in this loophole-friendly Mexican border town

Trump's trade war won't force many factories out of China. But it's giving rise to a massive warehouse industry in Mexico.

Trump’s tariffs have cost Americans at least $22 billion since the trade war began, report says

The cost was tallied before Trump escalated the trade dispute with China in May, so current totals are likely much higher.

Many US companies support Trump’s crackdown on China. But a growing number fear his next round of tariffs will hurt both workers and consumers.

When it comes to how to resolve those disputes, the president has become increasingly isolated from corporate America.

Trump says ‘extended’ trade talks with China will resume before G20

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he'd spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping and that trade negotiations would resume before the end of June.

More than 300 US executives are flocking to Washington to testify against Trump’s next round of China tariffs

Many are planning to warn that the 25% tariff on roughly $300 billion Chinese imports would act as a tax on Americans and threaten jobs at home.

Republican lawmakers are closing in on a bill that would challenge Trump’s tariff powers

As Trump hails tariffs as a way to gain leverage abroad, GOP lawmakers are moving toward legislation that would shift trade authority to Capitol Hill.

Americans are increasingly worried that Trump’s trade wars will damage the economy and eliminate jobs

Citing tariffs as a chief concern, Americans were much less optimistic about the economy in early June, according to a closely watched survey.

Lululemon is spending more on air shipments before Trump’s tariffs clog up ports — and it’s a stark warning for companies that impor...

The athletic-apparel retailer expects tariffs and air freight costs to weigh on its profits this year. The trade war is taking a toll on sea trade.

China says trade pressure from the US ‘will absolutely not succeed’ as Trump vows to slap tariffs on $300 billion worth of products

China said Thursday it wouldn't give into US pressure on trade, appearing defiant on issues Trump has made central to defusing the tariff war.