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One of America’s biggest trucking companies is getting squeezed by Trump’s trade war

One of America's biggest trucking companies is getting squeezed. The Trump administration's tariffs are impacting America's economy.
Olive oil from European Union member countries could get hit with a tariff, based on the Trump administration's newest tariff list.

The Trump administration wants to slap tariffs on $11 billion worth of goods from the European Union — here’s the full list of products th...

The US said the tariff proposal is in response to illegal government support of aircraft maker Airbus and cover everything from sweaters to tweezers.

Trump’s tariff threat is hitting Airbus, Rolls Royce, and Rémy Cointreau shares as traders weigh fallout

The threat of tariffs on $11 billion of imports has sent stocks of potential affected companies lower. The duties may affect almost a third of Rémy Cointreau sales.
FILE PHOTO: Employees walk by the end of a 737 Max aircraft at the Boeing factory in Renton

The EU is already getting ready to fire back at Trump’s proposed $11 billion tariff hit over Airbus

The European Union is ready to hit back against the Trump administration's latest tariff proposals, setting the stage for another trade dispute.

Stocks are down after Trump threatens tariffs on EU helicopters, ski-suits, cheeses and wines

European stocks and US futures dipped after Trump threatened to impose tariffs on $11 billion in EU imports including helicopters and ski-suits.

Global stocks stall after Trump’s tariffs appear to block US-China trade-deal progress

The first three days of the week saw strong gains for stocks around the world, but sentiment was more muted Thursday.
Tariffs won't be lifted even if there's a deal, says Trump.

Trump ramps up trade war, saying US will keep tariffs on China for a ‘substantial period’

Trade war tensions rose after President Donald Trump said that the US would leave $250 billion of tariffs with China in place for a "substantial period."
President Donald Trump.

Stocks stumble after Trump warns tariffs on China could remain for a ‘substantial period of time’

US equities fell to session lows on Wednesday after President Donald Trump said tariffs on China could remain for a "substantial period of time."

US and China plan high-level trade talks amid fears tariff war could wipe $1 trillion off economy

Hopes for a US-China trade-war deal have been boosted by confirmation that high-level talks will continue despite recent difficulties.

A Trump-Xi meeting on trade is reportedly being pushed back until at least April

President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping won't meet this month on a possible end to the trade war, Bloomberg reported.