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The tax plan could provide a major financial boost to the president.

Trump has said the new Republican tax plan will hurt him — but experts say he’s going to save millions

US President Donald Trump reportedly stands to save millions of dollars under the Republicans' new tax plan.

Bank of America joins the tax-plan after party with $145 million in bonuses to employees

Bank of America is giving $1,000 bonuses to roughly 145,000 employees who make less than $150,000 before the end of the year.
President Donald Trump's tax plan could bring $250 billion into the US in the form of repatriated overseas cash.

Trump’s tax plan could bring $250 billion into the US — here are the companies set to benefit most

President Donald Trump's tax plan could bring $250 billion into the US in the form of repatriated overseas cash. These are the 13 companies set to benefit most.
Ivanka Trump looks on as Sen. Marco Rubio speaks about the child tax credit at a news conference on Capitol Hill in late October.

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump score a partial victory on the child tax credit

Rubio and Ivanka Trump achieved their aim of getting an expanded child tax credit, but a key amendment fell short of getting the required votes.
Fox News paid tens of millions of dollars — all of which was tax deductible — in sexual harassment settlements on behalf of former host Bill O'Reilly.

The GOP Senate’s tax plan would make sexual harassment cases more costly for businesses

In their tax proposal, Senate Republicans are eliminating tax deductions for payments made by businesses in relation to sexual harassment settlements.

Some colleges have billion-dollar endowments — and now the GOP wants to tax them for it

In the GOP tax plan, private universities with assets of more than $100,000 a student will pay a 1.4% excise tax on their net investment income.

Trump’s tax plan could lead to billions of dollars flooding back to the US

The Trump administration and congressional Republicans are expected to come out with a bill to overhaul the US tax code on Thursday. It is expected to include a repatriation tax.

The rocky start for the Republican tax reform bill is a troubling sign of things to come

The 24-hour delay of the House GOP tax bill's release is not only a bad sign for the overhaul's timeline, but the viability of the whole endeavor.
Most people don't even get close to maxing out their retirement savings.

Shockingly few Americans are putting money in a 401k

Two-thirds of Americans aren't putting any money in a 401(k) plan right now.