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U.S. President Trump.

A federal court ordered Trump’s accounting firm to turn over 8 years of his taxes to Congress

The ruling is a significant blow to Trump's efforts to stonewall Congress' investigations into his businesses and finances.
President Donald Trump at the White House in October 4, 2019.

A federal judge ordered Trump to turn over 8 years of his tax returns to New York prosecutors

Trump's legal team tried to block the subpoena by asserting that as a sitting president, he is immune to criminal investigation.
How much you earn will help determine your tax bracket.

What tax bracket am I in? Here’s how to find out

How much you pay in income taxes depends on several factors, including whether you're single or married, and, of course, how much you earn.
U.S. President Trump arrives aboard Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland

Another whistleblower has come forward, this time alleging ‘inappropriate efforts’ to influence Trump’s tax audit

An August 8 letter, from House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, discusses the allegations.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Tech moguls like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg would lose billions under Elizabeth Warren’s tax plan

Senator Elizabeth Warren's tax plan requires billionaires to pay a small percentage of their net worth on an annual basis.

One measure shows Americans paid $6.8 billion in tariffs during July — the most in American history

The month of record trade-war costs came before significant tariff escalations between the US and China,
Americans still need to pay for healthcare and college.

6 things other governments provide that Americans still have to pay for

The American government doesn't cover everything other governments do — but that doesn't mean those benefits are completely free in other countries.

A new study shows 40% of foreign investment is ‘phantom capital’ being used to avoid taxes

Phantom investment has picked up in the last decade, increasing to 40% of all foreign investment. That growth rate is faster than that of global GDP.
G7 summit in Biarritz

The Trump administration is looking into a plan to cut taxes by the amount it’s taking in from China tariffs

The White House falsely claimed for much of the past year that tariffs are paid by foreign exporters, particularly in the case of China.

Amazon reportedly kept a ‘burn book’ of all the mean things politicians said about it during the HQ2 fight with New York City

During the unsuccessful negotiations for a second Amazon headquarters in New York City, things got nasty — and those things went in the "burn book."