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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have maintained a private relationship.

Everything we know about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s famously private relationship

The "Lover" singer and "The Favourite" actor have kept their love lives out of the spotlight for over three years.
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been dating for more than two years.

Taylor Swift kissed Joe Alwyn at the NME Awards, and a fan caught the sweet moment in a video

The "Lover" singer made a surprise appearance at the awards show on Wednesday and won best solo act in the world.
Taylor Swift has written a few songs that fans believe are about her ex Harry Styles.

16 famous songs that were reportedly inspired by celebrities

Musicians like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have written major hits inspired by their current (or former) famous partners.
Billie Eilish and Chance the Rapper are two artists who found critical acclaim as teenagers.

The 17 best songs in history that were written by teenagers

There are artists who've written some of the most emotionally tender and relatable songs in music history — before they even turned 20 years old.

The worst songs from 21 popular artists

Even talented and famous solo musicians like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have a few bad tracks in their discographies.
"Miss Americana" was released in select theaters and on Netflix on Friday.

Taylor Swift may be one of the most successful pop stars in the world, but women who watch ‘Miss Americana’ will know her struggles all to...

The Netflix documentary shows everything from how the singer's sexual assault influenced her to get political to her reflecting on an eating disorder.
Taylor Swift is currently looking for property in London.

Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary just dropped. Here’s a look inside the $81 million worth of mansions and penthouses the pop superstar o...

Taylor Swift wants to take her real estate portfolio international. She owns seven properties in the US, but has been house-hunting in London.
Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift slams Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn as ‘Trump in a wig’ and says she’s ‘sad’ she didn’t come out ag...

"If I get bad press for saying, 'Don't put a homophobic racist in office,' then I get bad press for that, I really don't care," Swift says.

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited Netflix documentary just dropped. Here’s how the pop superstar makes and spends her $360 million fortune.

Fans are speculating that Taylor Swift is engaged after she was seen wearing a diamond ring in her new Netflix documentary, "Miss Americana."
Demi Lovato in "Simply Complicated;" Taylor Swift in "Miss Americana;" and Beyoncé in "Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé."

10 of the most enlightening documentaries about celebrities that you can stream right now

From Taylor Swift to Beyoncé to Lady Gaga, many stars have shared new information about their personal lives and careers through filmmaking.