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Adam Sandler with his daughters, Sadie and Sunny, at Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards.

Watch Adam Sandler and his daughters perform Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ for a star-studded audience

Sunny and Sadie Sandler took the stage with their father at Malibu's Rock4EB!'s charity event. The audience included Julia Roberts and Kaley Cuoco.
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have been feuding over Scooter Braun.

Justin Bieber mocked Taylor Swift’s post-surgery video 3 months after she called him out for ‘bullying’ her

The "Sorry" singer mimicked a video where the "Shake It Off" singer got upset over a banana after having surgery.
Jimmy Fallon shared a home video of Taylor Swift on "The Tonight Show."

Taylor Swift cries over a banana in a post-laser eye surgery home video shared by Jimmy Fallon

"They definitely give you some pretty hardcore pills after you have a laser in your eye," Swift said before Jimmy Fallon showed the clip on "The Tonight Show."
Kanye West embraces Taylor Swift at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift accuses ‘two-faced’ Kanye West of befriending her only to turn on her later

In an interview for Rolling Stone's newest cover story, the "Lover" singer accused Kanye West of habitually betraying his friends, including Drake.
Taylor Swift recently released her seventh studio album, "Lover."

Taylor Swift explains why it took her so long to denounce the white-supremacist websites that called her their ‘Aryan goddess’

When the "Lover" singer didn't endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016, alt-right websites praised her and claimed she secretly held far-right beliefs.
Songs by Taylor Swift are among the songs Peloton is accused of stealing.

Buzzy exercise startup Peloton is being sued for $300 million over accusations it stole songs by Taylor Swift, The Beatles, and many more

In March the National Music Publishers' Association filed a suit alleging the exercise-bike startup Peloton improperly used more than 1,000 songs.
Taylor Swift at the 2014 Met Gala.

Taylor Swift once threatened to sue Microsoft over its chatbot Tay, which Twitter manipulated into a bile-spewing racist

Microsoft President Brad Smith was on vacation when he received a legal threat from Taylor Swift over Microsoft's use of the name "Tay."

One of Taylor Swift’s new songs mentions a Greenwich Village home she rented in 2016 ‘on Cornelia Street.’ Here’s a look insid...

Taylor Swift namechecks the Greenwich Village street in one of the songs off her new album — and as it turns out, she's got a very personal tie to it.

Taylor Swift altered a journalist’s review of her new album in an Instagram post to make it look more complimentary

Taylor Swift shared a snippet of a review saying "Lover" was "a brilliant album." But the real article didn't quite say that.
Taylor Swift receives the award for video of the year at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday.

5 artists who don’t deserve their 2019 VMA awards — sorry

Insider chose five awards that were handed to the wrong artists, including video of the year, which went to Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down."