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Trade around the clock

Singapore-based investors who trade in the US markets (but who would rather have regular sleeping hours) can now trade securities on US markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

A US discount brokerage giant is partnering with Chinese technology company WeChat to court Asian investors

The partnership with WeChat comes at a time when when TD Ameritrade is trying to grow its business in Asia.

‘Alexa, buy 10 shares of Facebook’: A discount brokerage giant now lets Main Street investors trade stocks via voice

TD Ameritrade clients can now summon Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, to order trades without calling a broker or tapping a button on a laptop.

One of the world’s largest stock brokerages is warning investors to steer clear of the ‘Wild West’ of legal marijuana stocks

"The marijuana and cannabis industry — sometimes referred to as the Wild West of investing — is littered with high-flyers, potentially over-valued companies, and even scams," TD Ameritrade said in a video.

TD Ameritrade CEO: The bitcoin market is ‘certainly not mature’

In an interview with Business Insider, the CEO of TD Ameritrade spoke candidly about how millennials are investing.

Millennials are flocking to cryptocurrency and cannabis stocks, TD Ameritrade CEO says

Accounts opened by young investors were up by 72% annually at the brokerage, the CEO said in an interview.

TD Ameritrade: Tons of people set up trading accounts just to buy Snapchat

CEO Tim Hockey learned of a 16-year old who wanted to open an account just to buy Snap.

TD Ameritrade is buying Scottrade for $4 billion

The retail broker TD Ameritrade is buying the discount brokerage Scottrade for about $4 billion.