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Caffeine addictions can be tough to get rid of.

12 ways to break your caffeine dependency

Coffee, tea, soda and other caffeinated drinks could be causing you to have a caffeine dependency. But, there's no need to cut out caffeine cold turkey. Here's how to gradually wean yourself off of caffeine.

This new site wants to make sure the tea you’re drinking is the real thing

Using machine learning, the site hopes to give tea-drinkers worldwide a way to check that their beloved beverages are authentic and safe.

When this ice tea company stuck the word ‘blockchain’ in its name, its stock skyrocketed by nearly 500%. Now, it’s being investigate...

In December, the New York-based beverage company announced plans to pivot to blockchain. But now, its being investigated by the SEC.
Simply being made a cup of tea or coffee is considered a special treat for many Brits.

The 50 best little luxuries in life that we often take for granted — and most of them are free

From freshly washed bed linen to an extra shot in your coffee, these are the mini-luxuries most appreciated by Brits.

Starbucks quietly killed a drink with a cult following — and people are threatening to boycott

Starbucks has discontinued its mango and peach syrups, killing its peach green tea lemonade.

Starbucks is selling one of its tea brands for $384 million

Starbucks is selling the Tazo tea brand for $384 million.

Starbucks is shuttering all of its Teavana stores as the retail apocalypse kills off American malls

As mall traffic plummets, Starbucks is shuttering all of its tea-centric Teavana stores.

How to get free Starbucks today

Starbucks is giving away drinks on Friday — but they aren't coffee.