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You can customize an Apple Watch before you buy it with the Apple Watch Studio.

‘What is the Apple Watch Studio?’: How to order a custom Apple Watch with Apple’s new design studio

The new Apple Watch Studio lets you customize your Apple Watch by choosing a case and band for the watch before you make a purchase.
The Apple Research app will record health data for specific studies using your Apple Watch.

‘What is the Apple Research app?’: What you need to know about Apple’s upcoming health-research program for Apple Watch users

The Apple Research app will allow Apple Watch users to opt into medical-research studies, which will share health stats from your Watch with Apple.
Predictive text can expedite your typing on an iPhone, or you might find it more of an annoyance.

How to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone in 4 steps

You can easily delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone through your Phone or Contacts app. Here's how to do it in a few steps.
Oprah Winfrey leads a famous cast of talent featured in new Apple TV+ original content.

‘How much is Apple TV+?’: A guide to Apple’s new video-streaming service with ad-free, original content

Apple TV+ will cost $5 per month, but you can get one year of the service for free when you purchase any new iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or Mac.
When figuring out how much an Apple Pencil will cost you, you first need to figure out which one you need.

‘How much is the Apple Pencil?’: A breakdown of Apple’s advanced iPad styluses, including their prices and which iPads each works wi...

The original Apple Pencil costs $99, and the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation costs $129. The two Apple Pencils work with specific iPads.

How to reset a Google Chromecast in 2 different ways to fix issues with the device

You can reset a Google Chromecast to its factory settings if you're having issues with it or if you get a new wireless router. Here's how to do it.
To manually eject an Xbox One disc, you'll need to find your console's eject button.

How to manually eject a disc from any Xbox One model using a paperclip

To eject a disc from an Xbox One manually, you'll need to find your console's manual eject button. It's usually located near the normal eject button.

How to reset your Xbox One in 3 different ways, to fix issues with the console

You can soft reset, hard reset, or factory reset an Xbox One depending on the issues you're experiencing. Here's what you need to know.

How to organize the photos on your iPhone by creating custom albums

To better organize the photos on your iPhone, you should try making your own albums. You can sort photos and videos into albums by any criteria.
You can charge a PS4 controller with the proper USB cable.

How to charge a PlayStation 4 controller using your PS4 console

To charge a PS4 controller, you should connect it to the PS4 console with a USB cable while the console is on or in Rest Mode.