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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix sinks to its lowest level in more than 3 months

Netflix plunged 3.5% today to $325.99, its lowest level in more than 3 months, amid brutal undersell of mega-cap "FAANG+BAT" tech stocks.

Chinese internet stocks are getting slammed after Tencent’s profit drops for the first time in almost 13 years

Chinese tech stocks slid Wednesday on US stock markets after Tencent disappointed investors with a surprise 2% drop in second-quarter net profit, its first decline in nearly 13 years.
Ray Dalio, founder, co-chief investment officer and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, speaks at the 2017 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. October 2, 2017.

The world’s largest hedge fund loads up on Alibaba

The hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, founded by Ray Dalio, bought 84,629 shares of Alibaba in the second quarter, worth about $15.7 million.

The frontrunner to replace Paul Ryan is trying a unique strategy to rally the GOP base around him

"Censorship needs to be addressed if social media companies are going to live up to their promise of making us better informed and better connected," McCarthy wrote.

These are the hottest non-tech jobs in the tech industry right now, according to Glassdoor

These are the positions in the highest demand by tech companies right now — and none of them require tech experience.

Stocks fall as tech takes a beating

Stocks got whacked Friday, with the Nasdaq Composite shedding more than 1%, after disappointing earnings reports from the tech giants Twitter and Intel. The dollar and Treasury yields fell.

A prominent Silicon Valley investor says entrepreneurs need to stop copying Mark Zuckerberg and quit talking about ‘breaking things,’ R...

"We need to do a better job of helping people see the future through a lens of optimism and hope rather than insecurity and fear," prominent Silicon Valley investor Mike Maples says.
Neopenda co-founders Shah and Cauvel.

This healthcare startup is using technology to save millions of babies

Neopenda wants to reimagine the wearable tech of today and apply it to low-resource hospitals in Uganda to reduce preventable newborn deaths.

Here’s how much metal it takes to make your iPhone

Your iPhone is a complex piece of machinery. Each phone contains a number of metals, including titanium, iron and gold. But there is far more aluminum than any other material.