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Sanitize your phone while it charges with PhoneSoap.

Your phone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom — this clever device sanitizes it for you

Our phones are hotspots for bacteria. The $60 PhoneSoap can help by safely sanitizing your phone while it charges, killing 99.9% of common bacteria.
Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who they approve for the new Apple Card.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who gets an Apple Card

"Keeping approval rates low suggests that at least initially Apple wants to focus on low-risk (higher credit score) customers."

Researchers calculated how much the average person would need to be paid to live a year without services like email and search engines. Here are the f...

The team of researchers found that free digital goods "provide substantial value to consumers even if they do not contribute substantially to GDP."
President Trump gave the green light to approve licenses allowing some US companies to do business with Huawei, the New York Times reported.

Trump reportedly green lighted some US firms to do business with Huawei ahead of US-China trade talks

The US government blacklisted the Chinese telecoms titan in May, banning US firms from doing business with it.
Arlan Hamilton's productivity hack is forgiveness.

How one of the few queer black women in venture capital clears her mind to overcome bias and get things done

We named Hamilton one of our 100 People Transforming Business for shaking up the VC world by investing only in underrepresented founders.

The world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. Here’s a look inside the game-changing 367-foot vesse...

The potentially monumental 367-foot superyacht with state-of-the-art technology and design was presented as a 6.5-foot model at the Monaco Yacht Show.
WeWork husband/wife team Rebekah Paltrow Neumann and Adam Neumann

WeWork’s Rebekah Neumann insists that all technology she uses is white-colored, and her assistants once had to break apart her phone, spray pain...

The Neumanns don't use computers, preferring to dictate texts and have a wide network of assistants logged into their accounts.
Steve Jobs did not let his children play with the iPad he helped create.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech-free — and it should’ve been a red flag

The attitudes of Silicon Valley elite suggests smartphone use should have been regulated a decade ago.
Apple snubbed Goldman Sachs when it unveiled Apple Card in August.

Goldman Sachs reportedly spent $300 million developing the Apple Card — then Apple boasted it was ‘Created by Apple, not a bank.’

Goldman conceded to Apple's demands to scrap late fees and not sell customer data, and agreed to use Apple's font, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Millennials are "killing" various industries and products.

12 everyday things millennials don’t bother using anymore

Millennials are "killing" various industries and products. Here are 12 things that have become obsolete in their generation.