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Change your relationship to technology.

CEOs and execs might flock to ‘digital detoxes’ to break free of their phones, but those detoxes are usually missing the point

Use your break from digital technology to reevaluate your tech habits and change your life forever, says Georgetown professor Cal Newport.
Snap shares.

Snap is laying the groundwork for a Twitter-like reversal, RBC says

After Snap's latest earnings results, RBC Capital Markets wonders, "Is This TWTR At The Beginning of '17?!"
Evan Spiegel

Snap is the ‘comeback kid.’ Here’s what Wall Street is saying about its latest results.

After Snap reported a smaller loss than analysts expected, Wall Street cheered the results and wondered if the beleaguered stock had turned a corner.
The author's daughter.

The best money I’ve ever spent was on a small piece of technology that let’s me know my baby is safe

The Owlet Smart Sock was a gift my wife and I gave to ourselves, as the peace of mind it provides lets us sleep better at night.
Forest City, Malaysia

These billion-dollar cities are straight out of science fiction, and they will soon become a reality

The technologies in these billion-dollar megaprojects rival science fiction.

The rise and fall of Theranos, the blood-testing startup that went from a rising star in Silicon Valley to facing fraud charges

Theranos and its CEO Elizabeth Holmes was featured on the cover of business magazines. Then questions arose about how the blood tests worked.

The market for tech products for aging baby boomers is expected to balloon to $20 billion by 2020. Here are some of the best

The market for tech products for aging baby boomers is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2020, but youth-obsessed Silicon Valley is slow to adapt.
To fold your clothes, you have to feed each garment into the machine.

A new machine claims to fold your laundry for you in less than 5 minutes

The new technology can fold a variety of items, ranging from child-sized garments to XXL clothes, as well as pillowcases and towels.
Arianna Huffington puts her phone to "bed" every night.

9 successful CEOs and entrepreneurs who can go hours — sometimes days — without checking their email or phone

These successful people say they take long breaks from email and digital technology — but they're still rockstars in industries from tech to fashion.