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FBI agent Aristedes Mahairas.

This FBI agent says terrorists are plotting to wipe out the 911 emergency system in an attack ‘only limited by your imagination’

Aristedes Mahairas said terrorist groups might one day be able to take down America's 911 emergency-response system or hack the control system of an office building and wreak havoc. The likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda may not yet have these capabilities, but they are working to secure them.
CCTV footage shows the moment a motorcycle exploded at a police checkpoint in Surabya, Indonesia on Monday, May 14 2018.

10 wounded in suicide attack at Indonesian police headquarters, a day after local churches were attacked in three suicide bombings

A family of five commited a suicide attack at a police headquarters in Surabaya, Indonesia. Monday's attack follows a deadly string of suicide attacks targeting churches in Surabaya on Sunday that killed at least 13 people.

2 brothers pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges over a plot to detonate a meat-grinder bomb on a passenger plane

The two men reportedly built what authorities called a "high-end, military grade explosive" under the instruction of a senior Islamic State operative in Syria. The bag never passed through security and was not detonated.
German special police forces.

German police arrest 1 man who was planning to attack ‘spectators and participants’ with specially sharpened knives at the Berlin half-mar...

Police in Germany have detained six men, one of whom was suspected of planning knife attacks at the Berlin half-marathon on Sunday.
Police respond to the hostage situation at a Super U supermarket in southern France.

The gunman who killed 3 people in a French terror attack has been shot dead

A man took hostages at a supermarket in Trèbes, near the southern French town of Carcassonne, on Friday.
Ahmed Hassan in disguise on a train.

Here’s every way the London Tube bomber tried to cover his tracks — and failed

A series of disguises and destroying his SIM card couldn't help Ahmed Hassan get away.
An armored police truck outside of the New York Port Authority on Monday following a botched NYC subway explosion.

A terrorist attacked New York City’s subway with a nail bomb — here’s how the devices work and why his didn’t

Monday's botched terror attack involved a pipe bomb surrounded by nails and screws. Such explosive devices can shoot metal fragments at speeds of 2,000 mph.
Police and fire crews block off the streets near the New York Port Authority in New York City, U.S. December 11, 2017 after reports of an explosion.

The ISIS-inspired NYC bomber chose to attack Port Authority because of its Christmas posters

Akayed Ullah reportedly wanted to retaliate against Israel for its actions in Gaza, and chose Port Authority because of its Christmas posters.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi gives a televised statement on the attack in North Sinai, in Cairo, Egypt November 24, 2017 in this still taken from video.

How the deadly Egypt mosque attack that killed at least 235 people unfolded

It's one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in Egypt's modern history.