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The Feds arrested a man accused of plotting terror attacks on the White House and other government buildings in Washington, DC

He wanted to attack the Washington Monument, the White House, and other locations, according to the complaint.

Photos show guests make a harrowing escape from 5-star Nairobi hotel in 20-hour terrorist attack that killed 14

The siege stretched for some 20 hours into Wednesday morning, with hundreds of civilians evacuated from the DusitD2 complex.
Computed tomography scan of carry-on luggage

The weirdest items TSA agents are trained to catch when they scan your bags

Internal TSA training materials detail uncommon objects, including disguised stun guns and homeopathic devices, that TSA agents are trained to catch.
A U.S. Marine with Task Force Southwest moves through a village during a patrol near Bost Kalay, Afghanistan.

America’s year in war: All the places US armed forces took or gave fire in 2018

The US military gave or took fire in some form or another in at least seven countries in 2018.
US Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal on a helicopter in 2009.

What Stanley McChrystal learned from Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq before leading the operation to kill him

Al Qaeda in Iraq proved an challenging foe for US forces, and its leader left a lasting impression on the US Army general who hunted him down.
French police are still searching for a terror suspect who killed two people at a Christmas market in Strasbourg on Tuesday night.

Strasbourg terror suspect may have escaped France after 17-hour manhunt

A gunman killed at least two people and injured 12 others at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. Police identified the suspect as Cherif Chekatt, 29.
Right-wing violence is on the rise under President Donald Trump, a new report shows.

Right-wing violence has ‘accelerated’ in the US since Trump took office

In 2018 alone, at least 20 people have been killed in alleged right-wing attacks, according to researchers.

There are nearly four times as many jihadist militants today than on 9/11, and the ‘war on terror’ has been a ‘terrifyingly expensiv...

There are approximately 230,000 Salafi jihadist fighters across almost 70 countries, according to a new CSIS report.
A file photo of a London police officer.

2 improvised explosive devices were found in a London flat and counter-terrorism police are investigating

The devices were found on Wednesday morning, prompting an evacuation of the entire block of flats.
Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes takes part in an alt-right protest of Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour on May 25, 2017 in New York City.

The FBI has officially declared the ‘Proud Boys,’ a far-right ‘Western chauvinist’ group with a penchant for street fights, as...

The FBI has officially declared the far-right "Proud Boys" as an "extremist group with ties to white nationalism."