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Tesla’s setting up for a strong 2020 that could send the stock to an all time high, according to Jefferies

Jefferies raised its Tesla price target to $400 from $300 and reaffirmed its "buy" rating, reflecting higher earnings and an improved balance sheet.

Tesla short-sellers lost $1.4 billion after the company reported a surprise profit — erasing 70% of their gains for the year

According to data from S3 Partners, traders betting against Tesla lost around 70% of their profits for the year.

Tesla shattered Wall Street’s profit forecast for the third quarter. But these 6 analysts are questioning how long it can last.

The electric-car manufacturer reported profit per share of $1.91 for the third quarter, surpassing estimates of a loss per share of $0.24.

Elon Musk says Tesla is only building the Model S and Model X for ‘sentimental reasons’

"I think if you're out there and you're going to buy a Model S, I think you just made a mistake, to be totally frank," the CEO said.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk views the new Tesla Model Y at its unveiling in Hawthorne, California on March 14, 2019.

Elon Musk predicts Tesla’s Model Y will outsell all of its other 3 vehicles combined

Tesla now expects to reach full production of the forthcoming crossover sedan in summer 2020, instead of the fall as originally planned.

Tesla returns to profitability and tops Wall Street’s Q3 earnings expectations

Wall Street analysts did not expect Tesla to return to profitability this soon, and shares of the company soared in after-hours trading.
A Tesla Model 3

It’s time to panic about Tesla’s flatlining revenue

Analysts expect the company to post a loss on Wednesday, but, more worryingly, they also don't expect top-line revenue growth.

One of Tesla’s most vocal investors sold more than $39 million of the stock ahead of the company’s earnings report

Ren Leggi, a portfolio manager at ARK, said the firm's conviction in Tesla has never been higher, but its trading strategies aren't passive.

Tesla’s biggest bear on Wall Street says the stock will plunge 80% this year and explains what the bulls are missing

"When the snowball starts to roll down the hill, we think it's going to be very precipitous," Gordon Johnson said of his $45 price target on Tesla.

Tesla’s path to profitability looks shakier than ever. Here’s what Wall Street had to say about the company’s disastrous quarter.

The electric automaker suffered a double whammy of a profit miss and the departure of its chief technology officer — and analysts aren't impressed.