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Each of Tesla’s cars has its own, unique, high-performance personality. I’ve driven them all, and here’s how they stack up.

My favorite remains the Roadster — but the Model 3 is a close second. I've driven them all and have some thoughts about how they stack up.
Tesla Model 3 convertible.

This company will chop the roof off your Tesla Model 3 and make it a power-folding convertible for $39,500 — here’s how it’s done

An aftermarket company called Newport Convertible Engineering offers Tesla Model 3 convertible conversions, but they aren't cheap.

How the Tesla Model 3, with a $40,000 base price, stacks up against the $100,000-plus Tesla Model S

The Model S is a more luxurious mid-size four door. The Model 3 is a compact four-door that takes a more minimalist approach
The Model 3. How to improve on greatness?

The Tesla Model 3 is the best car you can currently buy, but it could use some improvements — here they all are, ranked

The Tesla Model 3 was officially unveiled in early 2016. That means Tesla's mass-market sedan is four years old.
The Tesla Model 3

How the cheapest Tesla Model 3 at $40,000 stacks up against a loaded $45,000 Nissan Leaf

The Leaf has been in the electric-vehicle market for longer, but the Model 3 is among the best cars I've ever driven.

How the cheapest Tesla Model 3 at $40,000 stacks up against a loaded $44,000 Chevy Bolt EV

I put a $57,500 Model 3 up against a $43,000 Chevy Bolt in a battle of marquee electric cars. Tesla now sells the same version for $40,000. Rematch!

Video conferencing from your Tesla is ‘definitely a future feature,’ according to Elon Musk

Tesla Model 3 already has a cabin-facing camera, and Elon Musk said video chats are "definitely a future feature." When that future is, he didn't say.
Not this time, Tesla.

I bought a new car last year and seriously considered buying a Tesla Model 3, but I decided against it — here’s why

I haven't ruled out future Tesla ownership, of course. There's a pretty good chance I'll own one in the next decade. But not this time around.
A Tesla Model 3.

Tesla just bested Toyota, Volkswagen, and Lincoln to become one of drivers’ favorite brands

Tesla placed 11 out of 32 in Consumer Reports 2020 automotive brand ranking, rising eight spots from 2019.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s car collection has evolved over the years, from the million-dollar McLaren F1 he destroyed to a James Bond movie prop Lotus

When it comes to Musk's cars, some got destroyed, while others inspired certain design elements in the cars Tesla makes today.