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Leaked documents suggest Tesla has not met a Model 3 production goal set by Elon Musk in recent weeks

One part of Tesla Model 3 production reached Elon Musk's goal of 1,000 units per day just once in the weeks after he sent an email setting that goal.
Tesla Model 3.

It’s still too early to tell if Tesla’s Model 3 will be its ultimate answer to profits, experts say

Tesla has sold a lot of Model 3s so far, but there are questions about long-term demand and competition.
Alex Choi in his new Tesla Model 3

A YouTuber is getting roasted for posting a video of his Tesla driving on Autopilot without anyone in the driver’s seat

Experts and analysts have called Elon Musk's comments on Autopilot's capabilities reckless and misleading, which could encourage people to misuse it.
Tesla Model 3.

You can no longer buy a $35,000 Tesla Model 3 — the price just went up

Tesla has raised the price of its least-expensive Model 3 sedan from $35,000 to $35,400, CNN reported.
The Tesla Model Y.

Tesla needs to hire someone to build the Model 3 so it can focus on the Model Y

Sending Tesla Model 3 production to Europe and hiring a contractor could solve Tesla's logistics problems and free up US capacity for Model Y.
The Tesla Model 3.

Tesla has achieved one of its biggest goals by delivering the long-awaited $35,000 Model 3 — but the company has been oddly quiet about it

The beginning of standard-range Model 3 deliveries is a landmark for Tesla, but the company has been unusually quiet about it.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk said Panasonic hasn’t been making enough battery cells for Tesla’s cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that the rate of battery-cell production from Panasonic has held back output for the Model 3 .
Tesla Model 3.

Tesla told some $35,000 Model 3 customers they were days away from getting their cars. Now, those customers don’t know when their orders will ar...

Tesla customers have waited over three years for the $35,000, base-price version of the Model 3 sedan.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla’s disappointing first-quarter sales numbers aren’t a reason to panic, but they reveal big challenges for the company, experts say

Tesla's stock price fell nearly 9% after it announced vehicle deliveries fell by around 31% in the first quarter.