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Tesla Model 3.

The 10 best-selling electric vehicles in the US this year so far

Tesla was the electric-vehicle sales leader in the US by a wide margin during the first half of this year, according to InsideEVs.

MotorTrend named Tesla’s 2013 Model S its ‘ultimate’ car of the year among the vehicles that have won the honor in the past 7 decade...

Tesla's Model S sedan was released in 2012 and became the first electric vehicle to win MotorTrend's car-of-the-year award.
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk speaks next to the company's newest Model S during the Model S Beta Event held at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California October 1, 2011. The Model S is the company's first full-size electric sedan set for release in 2012.

Elon Musk says there’s no Model S or X refresh coming: ‘only minor changes’

The announcement by Musk contradicts earlier reports from the blog Electrek, which said a year ago that a refresh was being planned.
A Tesla Model S parked at a Supercharger station.

Tesla just brought back one of its customers’ favorite perks — but not everyone is eligible

Tesla is offering free access to its network of Supercharger charging stations to some Model S and Model X customers.
The NTSB said the investigation will focus on the emergency response related to the battery fire that followed the crash.

Tesla was named the most-loved car brand by AutoTrader

British car-shopping website AutoTrader named Tesla the most-loved auto brand for 2019, using feedback from a survey of over 60,000 vehicle owners.
Tesla Model S.

A Tesla Model S caught fire in a garage in San Francisco

A Tesla Model S sedan caught fire in the garage of a home in San Francisco, the San Francisco Fire Department said in a tweet on Friday.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla’s disappointing first-quarter sales numbers aren’t a reason to panic, but they reveal big challenges for the company, experts say

Tesla's stock price fell nearly 9% after it announced vehicle deliveries fell by around 31% in the first quarter.
A Tesla Model S is seen in a video screenshot as it traveled on the road with no one in the driver's seat.

Video appears to show a Tesla Model S traveling on the road at speed with no one in the driver’s seat

The Tesla Model S seen in the video appears to be operating on Autopilot. A camera pans around the cabin to show someone lying down in the back seat.

Here are all the differences between Tesla’s sedans — the Model S and Model 3

The Model S is a more luxurious mid-size four door. The Model 3 is a compact four-door that takes a more minimalist approach
The Tesla Model 3.

Tesla is delaying a 3% price increase until Wednesday

Tesla said the delay resulted from "unusually high volume."