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Elon Musk just said Tesla will stop offering ‘many’ interior options for the Model S and Model X after November 1

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday that "many" interior options for the Model S sedan and Model X SUV will no longer be available after November 1 to simplify the production process. He did not specify which options would be eliminated, and Tesla didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.
The Jaguar I-Pace.

13 electric SUVs that will rival Tesla’s Model X

Smaller vehicles have dominated the first generation of electrified cars, but a wave of upcoming electric SUVs could help bring battery-powered cars further into the mainstream. Companies like Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW will introduce electric SUVs in the next few years.
A view of a damaged DEA plane that crash landed near Sugar Land, Texas, on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018.

A Drug Enforcement Agency plane collided with a Tesla Model X while crash-landing on a Texas street

A Drug Enforcement Agency plane crash-landed on a street near Sugar Land, Texas, on Wednesday. A DEA representative said three special agents were on board for a flight training exercise. One was injured and treated at a hospital. Several vehicles, including a Tesla Model X, were damaged.
Audi will unveil the e-tron's production version on September 17.

Audi has started production for its Tesla rival — here’s what we know about it so far

Audi began producing its electric e-tron SUV in Brussels on Monday, the company said in a press release. Audi plans to start delivering the e-tron to US customers in early 2019. The e-tron, along with Jaguar's upcoming I-Pace SUV, will be the first Tesla Model X competitors available in the US.
The I-Pace is Jaguar's first fully-electric vehicle and will compete against Tesla's Model X SUV.

Jaguar is delaying some orders of its Tesla rival and blaming high demand

Some reservation-holders for the Jaguar's electric I-Pace SUV have been told their delivery dates will be delayed by three to four months, Electrek first reported. The I-Pace is Jaguar's first fully-electric vehicle and will compete against Tesla's Model X SUV.
Our Tesla Model X P100D test car at a Supercharger.

I took a $163,000 Tesla Model X SUV on a road trip and discovered Tesla’s greatest weapon isn’t its cars

The Tesla Model X P100D is the electric carmaker's flagship product. The Model X starts at $79,500 while out loaded test car costs more than $163,000. Tesla also operates more than 10,000 of its fast-charging Supercharger stations around the world.
A Model X crashed into a gym in Florida on Sunday.

A Tesla Model X driver says her car crashed into a gym after she hit the brakes — but similar incidents point to a different explanation

A Tesla Model X crashed into a gym in Florida on Sunday, according to ABC. The driver reportedly claimed the vehicle accelerated after she hit the brakes, though a Tesla representative said it's likely the driver accidentally pressed on the accelerator instead of the brake.
BMW plans to introduce 12 fully-electric cars by 2025.

BMW just unveiled a sleek electric SUV that will take on Tesla’s Model X

BMW unveiled its iX3 electric SUV concept on Wednesday at the Beijing Auto Show. The iX3 will have a range of over 249 miles per charge, less than the maximum attained by a Tesla Model X (295 miles), but more than the 237-mile range of the Model X's base trim.

Tesla spikes after Musk says it will be profitable this year

The company lost $4 per share on its most recent earnings report.

Tesla reveals the driver killed in a Model X crash was traveling with Autopilot engaged, received ‘several’ automated warnings before the ...

The crash on March 23 killed the driver and left the Tesla Model X they were driving nearly unrecognizable.