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Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the new Roadster.

Tesla’s vehicle designs have held up well over the years, but they aren’t all great — here’s a ranking, from best to worst

Tesla's designs have generally held up over the years, but some looks have stayed more relevant than others — hence our ranking from best to worst.

Here’s how Tesla went from Elon Musk’s infamous $420 tweet to being worth almost $500 per share

Tesla didn't go private at $420. But after the stock cratered in 2019, it staged an epic year-end rally that put $420 in the past.
Love the chaos!

Tesla’s success proves that what America needs is business, business, and more business

For 10 years the country has discouraged more than encouraged new businesses to get started. That needs to change, following Tesla's example.

I seriously considered buying a Tesla Model 3, but I decided against it — here’s why

I haven't ruled out future Tesla ownership, of course. There's a pretty good chance I'll own one in the next decade. But not this time around.
Form, meet function.

Here’s how the Tesla Model 3’s interior stacks up against the benchmark Mercedes-Benz A220

The Model 3 and the A220 are successful at delivering interiors that live up to expectations — and even exceeds them.
The Harley LiveWire electric bike.

How Tesla could reinvigorate the US motorcycle market and offer consumers more electric choices

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the company isn't interested in making a motorcycle. But the incipient electric motorcycle industry could use help
Love the chaos!

These charts show how the era of rampant Tesla stock volatility could be coming to an end

Tesla's market cap is now much larger than GM's, making Tesla the most richly valued US carmaker. But there are still some potential speed bumps.
Tesla's California factory.

Tesla could build 500,000 vehicles per year at its new factory in Germany. Here’s how the company’s plants compare to others in the car bu...

As Tesla expands in manufacturing footprint, I took a closer look at its facilities, as well as at some other factories around the US and the world.

Why the Cybertruck is a breakthrough for Tesla and designer Franz von Holzhausen

Tesla's Cybertruck has provoked polarizing reaction to its design. But it signals artistic growth for the designer Franz von Holzhausen.

Tesla is revamping its relationship with owners of the original Roadster. Here’s a closer look at Tesla’s first car.

The original Roadster is perhaps the most important car in the history of electric vehicles. It was produced from 2008-2012.