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The Tesla Model 3.

Extreme opinions about Tesla are completely wrong — here’s why

A rational middle ground is hard to hold. But Tesla moderates can take solace in the probability that the extremists are wrong.
Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

Tesla isn’t the next Theranos — here are 10 reasons why

OPINION: The Tesla-Theranos comparison, like the Tesla-Enron comparison, makes for fiery debates, but the comparison falls apart on closer scrutiny.
Love the chaos!

Tesla and Trump both thrive on chaos — but Elon Musk’s car company needs to chill out if it’s going to succeed

Trump is never going to change, but CEO Elon Musk has a chance this year to reset Tesla's paradigm.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Despite a bad quarter, Tesla is single-handedly growing the sluggish electric-car market

Tesla's growth, especially in the US, has been spectacular given that there's been almost no change to automaker market share for a decade.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla is proof that the next 20 years in the tech industry won’t be like the last 20

The first few decades of technology innovation have been characterized by rapid growth and quick profits.

Tesla just launched the Model Y — here’s why it’s the company’s most important car

The Tesla Model Y is a crossover SUV, and that's the hottest segment in the car business these days.
Musk reveals the Model Y.

Elon Musk just revealed the Tesla Model Y — and he’s still the greatest car salesman who ever lived

Musk was at his best during the unveiling — in full-on salesman mode, both for the vehicle and for Tesla's vision.
Elon Musk at the unveiling of Tesla's new Roadster.

Tesla’s biggest problem isn’t Elon Musk’s Twitter — it’s a lack of real news

Tesla is a small carmaker and can't generate a lot of news from its actual business — and that means an excessive focus on the thoughts of Musk.

Tesla could go bankrupt and Elon Musk could run afoul of the SEC and it wouldn’t matter — because owners love the cars

The level of owner love for Tesla is among the highest in the auto industry.Tesla has achieved this by spending essentially nothing on advertising.