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A New York City SAT tutor shares his best advice for students freaking out: ‘Make it boring’

New York City test-prep expert Anthony-James Green has a strategy to battle stress during an exam.

An SAT tutor who charges $1,500 an hour explains what everyone does wrong preparing for the test

Students hoping to get top scores often hurt their chances by focusing on the wrong material, says Anthony-James Green.

A New York SAT tutor who charges $1,500 an hour says college admissions have become an ‘arms race’

Acceptance rates at top schools decline almost every year, and former admissions officers at Ivy League schools say the competition is at an all-time high.

This perfect SAT scorer got rejected by the Ivy Leagues, but got on ‘Shark Tank’ and is now backed by Mark Cuban

A perfect SAT score couldn't get Shaan Patel into any Ivy League schools. But his SAT-prep startup got him on "Shark Tank," and it's now backed by Mark Cuban.