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11 mind-blowing facts about Texas’ economy

Texas is experiencing a booming economy, with rapid advancements in many sectors not traditionally associated with the Lone Star State.
Clips of the rant inside an AT&T in Friendstown, Texas, on Tuesday.

A man in Texas was arrested after he was filmed calling an AT&T employee a ‘f—ing Arab’ and saying he had been ‘killing h...

Joey Christian was charged in Friendswood, Texas, on Tuesday with public intoxication and disorderly conduct related to using abusive language.

Jeff Bezos is reportedly looking to buy an NYC apartment. Here’s a look at the 6 massive properties his family already owns across the US, from ...

Jeff Bezos, the richest man alive, is reportedly apartment hunting in NYC. Here's a look at the real estate the family owns.

People were extremely disappointed when a local library clarified it’d be having ‘snacks’ and not ‘snakes’ at its anti-p...

A library in Pflugerville, Texas, had to clarify the nature of its anti-prom event after an ad in a newspaper implied that there would be snakes.
President Donald Trump talks about the US-Mexico border during fundraising roundtable with campaign donors in San Antonio, Texas, on April 10, 2019.

Trump said he’s frustrated the military ‘can’t act like they would normally act’ and get ‘a little rough’ with mig...

"Our military can't act like they would normally act...they have all these horrible laws that the Democrats won't change they will not change them."
Contributor Lawrence Jones (left) appeared on Fox News wearing a vest while reporting from the US-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas.

People are criticizing a Fox News contributor for wearing a protective vest at the border as though it were a ‘war zone’. He says Border P...

Some reporters spoke up on Twitter, noting that they frequently participated in ride-alongs with Border Patrol without being required to wear a vest.
ICE agents arrested 280 immigrants on Wednesday in Allen, Texas, in the largest workplace raid in a decade.

ICE arrested 280 immigrants in its largest workplace sweep in more than a decade

It's the latest in a series of major workplace raids that ICE has been conducting as part of the Trump administration's immigration crackdown.
SpaceX workers crawl the lower section of the Test Hopper out to a launch pad near Boca Chica Beach, Texas, on March 8, 2019.

‘All systems green’: SpaceX fired up its Mars spaceship prototype for the first time, rattling homes for miles around

The SpaceX founder Elon Musk says his rocket company fired up "Starhopper" for the first time. The vehicle is an early prototype of a Mars spaceship.
"MasterChef" season three winner Christine Hà will open her first restaurant, The Blind Goat, this April.

Christine Hà, the ‘MasterChef’ winner known as ‘The Blind Cook,’ is now opening her first restaurant

Chef Christine Hà spoke to INSIDER about her new restaurant The Blind Goat, and life after winning "MasterChef."