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A matchmaker says one of the worst things you can do in a new relationship is text

Dating couples too often make the mistake of texting everything, instead of talking on the phone or simply meeting in person. According to matchmaker Claudia Duran, that can sabotage a relationship in its early stages.
Texting your potential new boss might be a little intimidating.

An advertising executive asked job candidates to apply via text message — and it changed the way he thinks about hiring

A global advertising agency took an innovative approach when hiring job candidates for their summer internship program.

How Michelle Carter urging her friend to kill himself led to a jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter

While Michelle Carter first listened to Conrad Roy and offered support, she later started sending messages that said Roy's family would "get over it."

20-year-old who repeatedly urged friend to kill himself sentenced to 15 months in jail

On June 16, 20-year-old Michelle Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for sending hundreds of texts encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself.

This 40-second video perfectly captures why people shouldn’t text and drive

Texting and driving is a bad idea. You'll get hurt. Seriously.

How to trick your phone into letting you curse

Use this trick to stop your phone from autocorrecting curse words.