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The king of Thailand has reportedly rented out the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Bavaria, Germany.

Inside the luxury hotel where Thailand’s playboy king is reportedly self-isolating with 20 women during the coronavirus outbreak

The 130-year-old hotel has suites "fit for a king," once housed Nazis, and got special permission to open for Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn.
Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn in central Bangkok on May 9, 2019.

Thailand’s playboy king is reportedly holed up in a luxury hotel in the Bavarian Alps with 20 women while the rest of Germany’s hotels rem...

Little is known about the royal family in Thailand, which has strict laws forbidding people from defaming the king and his relatives.
Captive elephants in Thailand are dependent on tourism.

Without tourists to feed them, Thailand’s 4,000 elephants could be among coronavirus victims

Captive elephants in Thailand are dependent on the revenue from tourism. Without it, some conservationists fear the worst.
A soldier stands in downtown Tunis on March 24, after Tunisia's president ordered the army to patrol the streets and enforce a public curfew from 6 pm to 6 am to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Robots, government-mandated selfies, and military lockdowns — here are some of the innovative and sometimes startling ways in which countries ar...

Countries are trying to contain the spread of coronavirus. Taiwan is tracking mobile phones while Tunisia has military personnel lining the streets.

Thailand has ‘ninja robots’ monitoring COVID-19 patients — take a look

Hospitals in Thailand have modified robots that can monitor patients and take some of the burden off of health professionals.
Phuket saw fewer tourists than usual due to coronavirus.

‘We have to be resilient’: Tourism in Thailand plummets amidst the coronavirus outbreak

Tourist arrivals to Thailand plunged by more than 44% in February, as the coronavirus outbreak convinced people to stop traveling.

A store in Thailand repackaged and sold up to 200,000 used face masks for coronavirus, police chief says

Last week, Thai police and health officials found a second-hand goods vendor selling used face masks, which had been washed, ironed, and repackaged.

An Italian cruise ship will finally dock in Singapore after Thailand and Malaysia rejected it amid the global coronavirus epidemic

Nearly 2,000 people — dozens of whom are Italians — will be screened for coronavirus symptoms before disembarking in Singapore.

The founder of a coworking destination on a Thai island says there’s an important step you should take before becoming a digital nomad

Digital nomads need to take one crucial step before starting their time working remotely while traveling the world.
Koh Lipe is my top recommendation if you're seeking an island vacation in Thailand.

I visited 6 islands in Thailand, and there is one I would recommend above all the rest for its beautiful, chill beaches and better-than-Instagram suns...

Koh Lipe is a strikingly beautiful place, with electric blue water, white beaches, and jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets.