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Cory and Jennifer outside of their home.

A couple bought the house that inspired ‘The Conjuring’ — and surprise, it’s haunted

Cory Heinzen, one of the new homeowners, told INSIDER that he and his wife, Jennifer, knew the house's history when they purchased it in June.
Taissa Farmiga in "The Nun."

‘The Nun’ is now the highest-grossing movie in the ‘Conjuring’ franchise worldwide

"The Nun" continued its worldwide win streak this weekend with a $16 million haul at the foreign box office, bringing its global total to $330 million — the most in the "Conjuring" franchise.

How ‘The Nun’ overcame bad reviews to be a box-office hit

Exhibitor Relations’ senior box-office analyst, Jeff Bock, said "The Nun" surpassed expectations at the box office despite bad reviews because Warner Bros. catered to foreign audiences, specifically the Hispanic community. There also wasn't a memorable traditional horror movie this summer.

‘The Nun,’ a new movie in ‘The Conjuring’ series, is on its way to box-office success despite getting horrible reviews

"The Nun," the latest prequel to "The Conjuring," delivered an impressive $5.4 million at the box office Thursday night, but critics aren't as thrilled with the movie as audiences.

YouTube removed a jump-scare ad for the upcoming horror movie ‘The Nun’ because it violated its ‘shocking content policy’

YouTube removed an ad for the upcoming horror movie "The Nun," after people complained about the ad's "jump scare," because it violated YouTube's "shocking content policy."