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Amazon is celebrating its 25th birthday. Here’s how the e-commerce giant got its name.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos named the company after the largest river on earth because he intended to create the world's largest bookstore.

How Jeff Bezos decided the first thing Amazon would sell was books

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a list of all the product categories he could sell. He chose books because they seemed to be the most practical.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ middle-school teachers said that as a kid, the CEO of Amazon wasn’t ‘particularly gifted in leadership’

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was, unsurprisingly, a highly enterprising kid, according to the bestselling book "The Everything Store" by Brad Stone. What he wasn't, apparently, was as natural leader.

The story of an Amazon employee completely forgetting his car shows how intense the company’s early days truly were

Amazon employees who joined the company in the mid-90s worked around the clock. As Brad Stone writes in "The Everything Store," more than one employee was so focused on their job that they forgot all about the car they owned.
Jeff Bezos

Amazon executives sat through a brutally uncomfortable 4.5-minute phone call that showed them just how much Jeff Bezos cares about customers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos decided to "fact-check" an answer by one of his executives during a meeting one time, and it wasn't pretty.

Early Amazon interviews were so tough, one comment could disqualify a job candidate immediately

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos used to eliminate job candidates who mentioned anything about work/life balance, according to Brad Stone's "The Everything Store."
Jeff Bezos.

One of Amazon’s biggest challenges in its early days was solved by an obscure book about lichen

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he found a "loophole" that allowed him to overcome an early obstacle to success, Brad Stone writes in "The Everything Store."