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The market’s most feared recession signal flashes again amid fears the Fed won’t do enough to prevent an economic meltdown

Three regional Fed leaders spoke out against lowering interest rates on Thursday even as recession fears lingered.

The safest US bonds are offering their worst returns since the 2016 presidential election — and that’s a major warning sign the economy is...

Falling Treasury yields have caught industry watchers off guard. In January, no one expected them to fall below 2.5%.

The Fed’s decision to hold rates takes a big concern off the table for overlooked markets outside the US

Last year, rate hikes were a big concern for EM. "We've obviously taken that risk squarely off the table," Rashmi Gupta of JPMorgan Chase Bank.
A wall of miners seen at the cryptocurrency farming operation Bitfarms in Farnham, Quebec

JPMORGAN: Cryptos faces a major hurdle even if they become widely accepted as money

The bank thinks investors should include cryptos in their portfolio in certain circumstances, but it doesn't see them toppling existing national currencies.

Banks are jumping after passing the Fed’s second stress test

The results of the qualitative Fed's stress test were released after the market close on Wednesday, and all the banks passed the test.

The world’s biggest hedge fund is worried the Federal Reserve could mess up everything

Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates said in a September client note that the Federal Reserve should not yet raise interest rates.

The market as we know it is ‘crumbling’

Signs point to the beginning of a rout in emerging markets that could threaten the stability that the global economy has been enjoying since March.

Thanksgiving dinner will cost you more this year

The AFBF's annual inflation-price survey of traditional Thanksgiving grub found that the average cost of this year's dinner for 10 is $50.11.