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A 23-year-old dropped out of college to make meatless burgers using fungus — and got $100,000 from Peter Thiel

Kimberlie Le dropped out of UC Berkeley to found Terramino Foods, a startup that aims to create the world's first fish-less "salmon" burgers. Their "seafood" is all plant-based and aims to reduce the waste and environmental footprint of eating fish.

Meet the 22-year-old college dropout who wants to power every future self-driving car

Peter Thiel paid Austin Russell $100,000 to drop out of college, and now he's built a Lidar startup, Luminar.

These 9 entrepreneurs were paid $100,000 to drop out of college — here’s what they’re up to today

Here's where nine recipients of the prestigious Thiel Fellowship are today.

A 23-year-old college dropout just opened a robot-powered coffee kiosk in San Francisco

Cafe X Technologies claims to be the first robotic café in the US.

This 21-year-old is turning down $100,000 because Peter Thiel’s support helped Trump win the election

Cosmo Scharf is leaving the Thiel Fellowship program after he says Thiel's support helped elect Donald Trump.

As Silicon Valley vilifies Peter Thiel for his support of Trump, one group of techies is defending him

Peter Thiel's support for Donald Trump has made him a pariah among many of his Silicon Valley peers. But the Thiel fellows are standing by their man.