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Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, the now-assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

Kobe Bryant joins 7 other Basketball Hall of Fame nominees this year, along with Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

Kobe Bryant was on the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame preliminary ballot even before his death.

42-year-old Tim Duncan is still schooling Spurs players in practice despite retiring 2 years ago

Tim Duncan may have retired two years ago, but he still has plenty of moves on the court — ask the Spurs players who had to guard him in practice.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The 2003 Spurs — the first championship team of the Big 3 era

Following Manu Ginobili's retirement, the Spurs dynasty appears to be over. The run started in 2003, with an all-time classic team that would go on to win four championships together.

Manu Ginobili shared an amazing story about Tim Duncan calling incessantly to cheer him up after blowing a playoff game

Tim Duncan wouldn't let Manu Ginobili sit in his hotel room by himself in anger.

Tim Duncan made $240 million in his career and he still shops at Old Navy

Tim Duncan is shopping at Old Navy in retirement.

Gregg Popovich gave a heartfelt example of how much he enjoyed being around Tim Duncan

Gregg Popovich would dine with Tim Duncan over anybody else in the world.

Two NBA players told great stories about what it was like to face Tim Duncan on the court

Draymond Green and Etan Thomas perfectly sum up Tim Duncan's career.

Tim Duncan retires as one of the most decorated players in NBA history

Of the NBA players to win at least one MVP award, only four won more combined MVP awards and championships than Duncan.

Tim Duncan is retiring from the NBA after 19 years

Tim Duncan will finish his career as one of the greatest big men to ever play in the NBA.

Tim Duncan picked up a $5 million contract option, but it doesn’t mean he’s definitely returning to the NBA

Tim Duncan picked up his contract option, but it allows him more time to mull retirement.