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With the resources readily available now, it's the perfect time to learn how to meditate.

Meditation is taking over Wall Street and Silicon Valley — here’s how to start a daily habit

Meditation may be trendy, but that may detract from the fact it's a scientifically proven healthy habit. Getting started is easier than you may think.
It left me energized every day. Tim Ferriss and the author pictured.

‘4-Hour Workweek’ author Tim Ferriss follows a strict morning routine to maximize productivity — and after a week on his schedule, I...

Tim Ferriss — entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, and author — follows an elaborate morning routine. Here's what happened when I tried it for a week.
Tim Ferriss likes to stick to his own plans, with minimum distractions.

The productivity-guru author of ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ keeps his phone on airplane mode 80% of the day

Bestselling author, podcast star, and lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss has minimized his smartphone's role as a distraction in his life.
Business Insider US editor in chief Alyson Shontell interviews PayPal cofounder Max Levchin for our podcast "Success! How I Did It."

20 podcasts that will make you smarter

Here are the best podcasts teaching us right now, from "The Tim Ferriss Show" to "Radiolab."
Tim Ferriss has built a career around finding the simplest and most efficient solutions to problems. Recently he realized he needed to take his own advice.

After 10 years of helping people optimize their lives, Tim Ferriss stumbled upon a question that has helped him build an audience of millions

Tim Ferriss is constantly looking for the easiest solutions to problems, and it's made him a bestselling author and star podcast host.
Tim Ferriss has a strict fasting regimen.

‘Human guinea pig’ Tim Ferriss doesn’t eat for 72 hours at a time — and he says it gives him more energy and focus

Bestselling author and star podcast host Tim Ferriss explains how intermittent fasting has made him happier and healthier.
Tim Ferriss starts every morning with a journaling exercise.

Tim Ferriss follows the same routine every morning to maximize his productivity

Bestselling author and star podcast host Tim Ferriss starts every morning with a strict regimen that includes meditation and journaling.
Tim Ferriss places more value on training than planning.

Tim Ferriss lives his life according to an ancient Greek quote that helps him prepare for the worst

Bestselling author and star podcast host Tim Ferriss prioritizes intense preparation over planning.
Tim Ferriss said that when you're starting out in your career, you should focus on "learning instead of earning."

After interviewing 140 people at the top of their fields, Tim Ferriss has 2 key pieces of advice for 20-somethings starting a career

Bestselling author and podcast star Tim Ferriss has made a career studying high achievers, and he's learned what works best for professionals just starting out.
Tim Ferriss learned that bad advice can be just as valuable as good.

‘4-Hour Workweek’ author Tim Ferriss says you should always consider 2 things before taking any advice

The popular author and podcast host explains how the worst advice he ever received taught him a valuable lesson.