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A couple lives in a modern yurt.

A couple moved into a 730-square-foot, modern yurt to avoid high rent costs in Portland, Oregon. Take a look inside.

While it took Zach Both and Nicole Lopez just a weekend to build their yurt, they spent months turning the interior into a luxury living space.
The tiny house is 130 square feet.

This couple’s 130-square-foot home is the most traveled tiny house in the world. Here’s what their life is like.

Christian Parsons and Alexis Stephens have visited 37 states and 16 national parks, and they have welcomed over 75,000 guests into their tiny house.

I spent 3 days at a tiny house resort surrounded by woods and farm animals, and it convinced me that what the experts are saying is true — luxur...

I stayed in a 269-square-foot tiny house in the woods on a property with farm animals. It doesn't sound luxurious, but it very much was. Here's why.
Not every tiny house is ideal.

23 photos that show the ugly truth of living in a tiny house

From cramped lofts that are hard to access to small appliances, this is what it's really like to live in a tiny house.
The 300-square-foot home features magical decor.

You can rent a 300-square-foot ‘Harry Potter’-themed tiny home on Airbnb

The 300-square-foot house features floating candles, flags representing the Hogwarts houses, and copies of The Daily Prophet.
The Arctic Hideaway under the Northern Lights.

This village of tiny houses in the Arctic is actually a hotel — and it’s about as far away from other humans as you can get

The Arctic Hideaway is made up of 10 tiny houses on a remote island off the coast of Norway where there are no cars or restaurants.
You can spend the night in this double-decker bus.

This vintage double-decker bus was transformed into a short-term rental that’s parked on a farm in Wales. Take a look inside.

The double-decker bus sleeps six and has two bedrooms, two wash closets, and a kitchen.
You can get a tiny house for free through ESCAPE's Rental Program.

You can get a $39,900 tiny house for free, but you have to rent it out to other people

Recipients will receive 40% of the revenue made from renting the tiny house, and they can buy it back for personal use at any time.
The 300-square-foot tent has been the Ruiz's home for two years.

See inside the 300-square-foot tent that a couple transformed into a tiny home for their family

The family has lived in the tent for two years. It runs on solar power and features two beds, a composting toilet, and an outdoor shower.
IHOP built the world's tiniest IHOP restaurant in partnership with A&E's "Tiny House Nation."

You can eat tiny IHOP food in an IHOP tiny house for free, but only if you manage to score a reservation

IHOP is partnering with A&E's "Tiny House Nation" to build the world's tiniest IHOP restaurant, serving free tiny IHOP meals for a limited time.