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Buzzing sounds, flashing lights, and music encourage babies to chase after the toy.

This motorized bee toy encourages 3 stages of development with lights, music, and movement — my son learned to crawl with it and still loves it ...

The Skip Hop Explore & More Bee Crawl Toy encourages babies to crawl. It's also a developmental toy that reinforces concepts like cause and effect.
My daughter Ellie loves to give her Whatsitsface a hug when it's feeling sad.

This unique toy is helping my 16-month-old learn about emotions — it displays 6 different faces to show how it’s feeling

Whatsitsface is a unique new toy that can help kids understand emotions. It's a stuffed animal that encourages imaginative play.
Kids can push three train cars around the base of the tree.

I bought this 2.5-foot Christmas tree toy so my daughter can decorate her own tree — it’s a fun way for kids to ‘help out’ ove...

This toy Christmas tree is great for toddlers who want to help decorate during the holidays. It's both a fun toy and a cute Christmas decoration too.

Singapore issues warning on 11 unsafe baby products – including baby carriers, cots and strollers sold online

The unsafe baby products include a stroller by Baby YOYA and the Puku Izzy foldable cot. All were sold online via sites like Qoo10 and Lazada.

These leather baby shoes have the right amount of support and grip for early walkers — they’re also super cute and fold up easily

Juicy Bumbles soft sole leather and suede baby shoes are designed to protect feet without hindering growth and movement.
The author's daughter wearing the Lark Adventurewear Perfect Play Dress ($20).

Lark Adventurewear makes some of my daughter’s favorite clothes — they’re soft, comfortable, and have built-in sun protection

Lark Adventurewear was created by a mom who struggled to find activewear that would keep her baby cool and comfortable.

This $10 whale-shaped faucet cover protects my daughter’s head during bath time, but she thinks it’s a fun toy

This cute whale-shaped faucet cover protects my daughter from hitting her head during bath time — she just thinks it's a fun toy. Here's why I love it.

The best daily conditioners for toddlers you can buy

Washing your toddler's hair but keeping it soft and manageable is easier with a high-quality, nourishing conditioner. Here are the best ones to buy.

This $13 toothbrush has bristles on both sides, which makes it easier for my toddler to brush her own teeth

The Grabease Double Sided Toothbrush is safe for toddlers to use on their own, but its dual bristles help maximize coverage for easier brushing.
Starting at $36 a month, Lovevery's curated play kits for babies and toddlers help foster child development in fun ways.

Lovevery makes toy kits that help turn playtime into a brain-development experience for babies and toddlers — my daughter loves playing with the...

Lovevery's curated child development toy kits are meant to grow with your child. There are kits for every age from infants to toddlers.