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Net neutrality is coming back, no matter what happens next with the Senate resolution

The Senate's vote Wednesday to restore the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality rules shows the extent to which momentum is on the side of proponents of those regulations.

AT&T says it will support a massive protest to save ‘net neutrality’ even though it sued to kill today’s net-neutrality rules

AT&T said it will stand in solidarity with an online protest in favor of the current net-neutrality rules on Wednesday, a move critics found disingenuous.

It just got easier for Republicans to roll back the laws keeping the internet open

FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler will leave the agency entirely on January 20, which could mean a more immediate end to today's net-neutrality rules.

It looks like Republicans have shot down the FCC’s plan to kill the cable box

The FCC's plan to replace the cable box with apps is on life support, and probably isn't coming back.

AT&T will lower the quality of most video on its network by default next year

AT&T has announced a new feature that could help you save data — or make watching videos on your smartphone more annoying.

It looks like we’re going to have a less open internet under Donald Trump

If Donald Trump's past remarks and reported advisers are any indication, big carriers and ISPs may soon be free to give certain services preferential treatment.

The FCC’s plan to kill the cable box just hit a roadblock

The FCC has delayed its vote on a proposal that would effectively kill the cable box.