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The best hammers

It's a good idea to have a hammer handy for home improvement projects. These are the best hammers you can buy.

The best utility knives

A utility knife is handy for a wide variety of projects, from opening boxes to crafting projects. These are the best utility knives you can buy.

The best tools you can buy to keep in your car

When you're on the road you need to make sure you're set up with everything you need. Here are the best tools you can buy to keep in your car.

The best tool boxes you can buy

Every home or apartment should have some sort of tool box in case of emergency. Here are the best tool boxes you can buy to make sure you're all set.

The best wire strippers you can buy

A wire stripper is a vital tool in any tool kit. But, depending on the job, a different wire cutter may be required. Here are the best ones.

The very best deals you can still get from Walmart’s competing Prime Day sale — including Google devices, Apple devices, and 4K smart TVs

Walmart is offering majorly competitive deals even after Prime Day has ended, including discounts on Google devices that Amazon doesn't even carry.

The best knee pads you can buy for DIY projects

Before you embark on your next home improvement projects, make sure your body is well-protected. These are the best knee pads you can buy.
A simple juicer can make cooking with lemons and limes a breeze.

21 handy cooking tools we rely on in our own kitchens

You probably never knew you needed them, but these are 21 handy cooking tools we use in our own kitchens to make delicious and easy meals.

This $450 power tool kit helped me complete several challenging DIY projects during our home renovation

This power tool kit from Porter-Cable helps me take on and complete projects I never thought I would be able to handle by myself.
Bike maintenance sounds difficult but there are certain easy things you can do at home.

5 tools every home bike mechanic needs for easy repairs — I constantly use these on my own bike

With a few basic tools, you can fix almost anything on a modern bike. Here are the must-have tools every bicycle mechanic should have.