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Disinfectant being sprayed outside of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Unsettling photos show sanitation workers disinfecting famous monuments around the world

The sight of famous attractions — from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Great Pyramid of Giza — being disinfected is nothing short of surreal.
Times Square, New York City, New York.

Before-and-after photos show how the coronavirus has left the world’s biggest tourist attractions looking like ghost towns

People around the world are self-isolating, leaving famous landmarks and popular tourist attractions eerily devoid of humans.
The Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on February 14 and February 27, 2020.

Before-and-after satellite images show how the coronavirus has emptied global landmarks, from Mecca’s Grand Mosque to Tiananmen Square

The coronavirus epidemic has prompted many people to avoid busy places and halt their travel plans, especially in places like China, Iran, and Italy.
The Wave: expectation vs. reality.

14 photos show optical illusions that are disappointing in real life

Some optical illusions require standing at a certain angle or visiting a location at a specific time to work. Expectations don't always match reality.

18 photos of eerily empty tourist attractions amid the global coronavirus outbreak

Tourist attractions around the world have either closed or remained forebodingly empty during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee, is known for busy honky-tonk bars and crowds galore.

15 streets in the US that tourists love but locals hate

While tourists flock to these busy streets packed with vendors and restaurants, locals try to avoid them at all costs.
Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

The most iconic tourist attraction in 26 countries around the world

There's something powerful about finally seeing a famous landmark or natural wonder in person instead of on a postcard (or on Instagram).
Entrance to Area 51.

8 places in the US tourists aren’t allowed to visit

Civilians are not allowed into Area 51, an Air Force base with an extraterrestrial reputation, or Bohemian Grove, a private, mens-only club in San Francisco.

14 of the most dangerous attractions around the world that tourists keep flocking to

From narrow roads on the edges of cliffs to deep cave dives, here are dangerous attractions that daring travelers flock to.

15 famous tourist attractions that are surprisingly small in real life

Recognizable attractions and monuments can sometimes appear smaller than one might think given their acclaim.