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Not all Americans are patriots.

I’m an American living in the UK. Here are the biggest misconceptions people abroad have about people in the US.

"It wasn't until I moved to the United Kingdom that I realized views of Americans, in general, aren't all that positive."
Three people were found dead in the Grand Canyon in just over a week.

A tourist has fallen 400 feet to his death at the Grand Canyon — the 3rd fatality at the attraction in just over a week

The 67-year-old man was seen falling over the South Rim days after another visitor stumbled to his death.
The Crater Area in Queen Elizabeth National Park with view of the Rwenzori (Ruwenzori) Mountains

An American tourist was kidnapped in Uganda and the suspects are demanding a $500K ransom for her release

Uganda Media Centre said on Wednesday that four armed men kidnapped the woman and a Ugandan driver in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Locals are not as fascinated with Grand Central Terminal as tourists are.

11 US attractions that tourists love but locals hate

From party spots like Bourbon Street to attractions like Mount Rushmore, these are the tourist destinations that locals often despise.
Footage from Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service showed the tourist being rescued.

A man survived hours lost at sea by turning his jeans into a flotation device, a trick used by US Navy SEALs

Arne Murke was found by rescuers three hours after being knocked off a 12-meter yacht, which he had been sailing with his brother in New Zealand.
British tourist Auj-e Taqaddas was filmed slapping an Indonesian immigration officer after she missed her flight in July 2018.

British tourist gets 6 months in prison for slapping an Indonesia immigration officer after she missed her flight

Auj-e Taqaddas was due to fly from Bali to Singapore last July, but an officer stopped her and said she had to pay a fine for overstaying her visa.
Graffiti on Colorado's National Monument is just one example of people hurting nature this year.

11 ways people ruined nature in 2018

From defacing a national monument to destroying a rock formation millions of years in the making, here's how people have damaged nature this year.
Instead of Warsaw, head to the charming streets of Krakow, Poland, instead.

17 under-the-radar alternatives to major tourist destinations

Forget about touring the bustling streets of Paris or Rome, and head to these 17 equally awesome but lesser-known alternatives instead.

A US hang glider hung on for dear life after his pilot forgot to strap him in

Chris Gursky held on for about two minutes as the pilot grappled with the glider with one hand and held on to Gursky with the other.