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A Toys R Us advertisement in Hong Kong.

The company formerly known as Toys R Us is reportedly opening stores in time for Christmas

The company holding the assets of the defunct Toys R Us will open new toy stores in the US in preparation for the holiday season, a new report says.
A Toys R Us store in Bangalore, India.

Toys R Us is being revived, but it probably won’t be the store you remember

There's not much left of the old Toys R Us in the revived version, but veteran Toys R Us leaders hope the brand will be a draw.

A toy exec explains the biggest reason why hot toys will be so hard to find this year

Without Toys R Us, it's possible hot toys will go out of stock more quickly.

8 things you loved as a kid that don’t exist anymore

From mall arcades to Blockbuster Video, here are 8 things you loved as a kid that don't exist anymore.
Best Buy is a popular destination for holiday shopping, especially during Black Friday.

Best Buy is making a bold move to capture a piece of over $10 billion in sales up for grabs

Best Buy is expanding its toy selection this holiday season as it tries to take a piece of the pie Toys R Us left behind.
Hasbro is a giant in the toy industry.

Toys R Us’ demise is having a devastating effect on America’s largest toy companies

Just before the holidays, toy brands are finding it hard to balance a new toy-selling paradigm in America with the closure of Toys R Us.
An image of people protesting Toys R Us in New York City

Toys R Us is hinting at a post-bankruptcy revival and some former employees are not happy about it

The Toys R Us brand angered some former employees by comparing its bankruptcy to a vacation. The toy retailer tweeted a picture of its mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, with a suitcase, announcing that its mascot had been traveling the world for the last few months. Former employees are not amused.
Toys R Us could be coming back from the dead.

Toys R Us might be coming back after the auction for its brand was cancelled

Toys R Us could be coming back from the dead. The controlling interests in the company have decided that the company should consider restarting instead of selling all of its remaining assets.

Toys R Us’ bankruptcy delivered a big blow to the jobs report

The jobs report released on Friday showed that no group of companies saw bigger losses than retailers of sporting goods, toys, books, and music. Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last September, and announced in January that it was closing all its stores.
Toys R Us' remaining stores closed on Friday, June 29.

‘Don’t ever grow up’: Toys R Us posts heartbreaking message on its last day of business

Toys R Us' US operations shut down forever on Friday, and the retailer posted just one final goodbye. "Don't ever grow up," it wrote on its website.