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Matthew Boling is ready to take on all challengers.

High-school track sensation Matthew Boling has received unwanted attention based on his race, but a World Champion sprinter says it won’t matter...

Matthew Boling went viral earlier in the year with his performance on the track, and Olympic sprinter Ato Boldon says his talent is worth the hype.

Teenager known as ‘White Lightning’ ran the fastest 100 meters in high-school history, and his leg in the 4×400 championship was even...

Watch as Matthew Boling, known as "White Lightning," sets the high-school record in the 100 and posts an epic comeback in 4x400 state championship.

Texas A&M runner goes full Superman as he dives across the finish line to win SEC 400-meter hurdle title

Watch as Texas A&M runner Infinite Tucker sprawled out at the finish line, narrowly beating his teammate for the SEC title.
Matthew Boling is nicknamed White Lightning.

A teenager from Texas nicknamed ‘The Boogie Man’ just ran 100 meters in 9.98 seconds, a time that would be good enough for an Olympic fina...

An 18-year-old sprinter named Matthew Boling, also known as "The Boogie Man," is wowing athletics crowds in Texas.
Ryan Crouser doesn't always want to eat so much food.

The mind-blowing diets of the world’s best shot-putters are so wild they ‘don’t even like food anymore’

From cartons of scrambled eggs, pounds of meat, and 80 oz. of milk per day, the world's best shot-putters have to eat so much they don't even enjoy food.

The best sports photos of 2017

Relive the emotion, highlights, and lowlights of 2017 through the best sports photos of the year.

Norwegian runner had a priceless reaction after realizing he won gold in 400-meter hurdles at the World Championships

Norway's Karsten Warholm couldn't believe it after he won the 400 hurdles at the World Championships in London

Usain Bolt loses final individual race of his career to American Justin Gaitlin

At the World Championships in London, Bolt came in third in the final 100m race of his career

Usain Bolt wants to be an action movie star after retiring

Olympic gold medal winning athlete Usain Bolt will have Hollywood on alert as he reveals acting dream.

Usain Bolt sees this South African athlete as his successor after he smashed Micheal Johnson’s 300-metre record

Usain Bolt believes Wayde van Niekerk can succeed him as world's fastest athlete.