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President Donald Trump

Trump will delay the start of possible trade war with some of the US’s closest allies

President Donald Trump announced Monday that steel and aluminum tariff exemptions for six countries would be extended in order to give the US more time to work out trade deals and avoid a trade war.

Asia-Pacific nations sign sweeping trade deal without US

Malaysia's Minister...
President Donald Trump

An offhand comment from Trump has sparked serious fears of a trade war

President Donald Trump said he was considering a "reciprocal tax" on imports; now many economists are worried about tariffs.

JPMorgan: Likelihood of cliff-edge Brexit drops from 25% to 15%

A research note on Monday found reduced challenges to the Prime Minister's leadership and attitude changes among Eurosceptic MPs reduced the chance of no deal.
The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier

‘In leaving the single market, they lose the financial services passport’: Michel Barnier rules out a Brexit trade deal for the City of Lo...

Michel Barnier said: 'There is no place [for financial services]. There is not a single trade agreement that is open to financial services. It doesn’t exist.'
City workers cross London Bridge during the morning rush-hour in the City of London August 11, 2010.

Bankers must be given free movement across EU after Brexit, the UK’s top finance lobby says

Any Brexit deal for financial services should be "based on mutual acceptance of regulatory and supervisory co-operation and reciprocity," a new report says.

Trump is putting a massive deal at risk when he messes with Germany

The Obama administration pushed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership along for years, but it really might hit a snag under President Donald Trump.

Trump’s trade policy violates basic rules of behavior we teach in kindergarten

The Trump trade agenda, which was published this week, violates all the principles of good behavior that we learn when we're 5.