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‘They want to make a deal, but do I?’: Trump plays coy as he announces plans to meet with China’s top trade negotiator

Trump sought to sow uncertainty around whether the two sides would be able to take steps to defuse economic tensions.
President Trump gave the green light to approve licenses allowing some US companies to do business with Huawei, the New York Times reported.

Trump reportedly green lighted some US firms to do business with Huawei ahead of US-China trade talks

The US government blacklisted the Chinese telecoms titan in May, banning US firms from doing business with it.

Stocks are rallying after China touted that it’s having ‘effective communication’ with the US on the trade war

The world's two biggest economies are maintaining "effective communication," China's Foreign Ministry said.

Tech stocks led by Apple are surging after Trump’s trade-war ceasefire

Apple, which has a massive supply chain in China, was a big winner of the US-China trade truce, along with semiconductor stocks.

China has made its trade war demands ahead of the G20 summit: tariffs have not ‘made America great again’

A senior Chinese official said that US pressure to force concessions will not be effective and that tariffs have not "made America great again."
Traders at the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society demonstrate manual deals settling used before computerization as part of celebrations at the beginning of their first trading day after the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, in Hong Kong, February 14, 2013.

China’s stock market is ripping higher in the middle of a ‘all-hands buying’ run

Chinese stock market's recent rally was an accumulation of euphoria but did not accurately reflect the country's economic climate, an analyst says.
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell is due to hold a news conference after the FOMC decision on Wednesday.

US stocks set to gain as investors await the first Fed meeting of 2019 and a tech earnings bonanza

Chinese stocks slipped, Europe was mixed, and US futures gained before the Fed decision. Investors are navigating a minefield of market catalysts.
The Huawei charges are not helping markets.

US stocks set to slide as charges against Huawei ignite fears that China trade talks will fail

'This is a hostile message that the US is sending. The fear is that this move will negatively impact trade talks, making a deal even less likely.'

Nvidia is a stand out in the semiconductor space amid uncertain US-China trade talks, analyst says

Investors should carefully pick semis stocks amid the unclear US-China trade talks, and Nvidia is a good bet in the industry, an analyst says.
U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 17, 2017.

White House officials reportedly said that time Angela Merkel had to explain the ‘fundamentals’ of EU trade to Trump 11 times was ‘h...

White House officials claimed Merkel was condescending toward Trump when explaining Ukraine during one of their first calls, and that wasn't the only incident.