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Yi Gang

China’s currency hits its lowest level in more than a year

China's currency fell Wednesday to its lowest level against the dollar in more than a year amid a dollar rally and an escalating trade fight with the US.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and European Council President Donald Tusk

The European Union and Japan just signed a new trade deal, and it shows how the rest of the world is fighting back against Trump’s attacks

The European Union and Japan just struck a landmark trade deal, the latest in an intensifying round of pro-free trade moves being made by the EU, Japan, China, South Korea, Canada, and more. The new deals come just as President Donald Trump moves to impose tariffs and trade restrictions.
Shipping containers are seen piled up at a port in Qingdao, Shandong province December 10, 2013.

IMF: The US trade war could cost the global economy $430 billion

The global economy could lose $430 billion by 2020 if the trade war escalates and President Donald’s Trump’s new tariff threats are carried out, the International Monetary Fund has warned.
Theresa May and Donald Trump hold hands as they walk in the White House in January 2017.

After Trump’s landmark visit to the UK, it’s important to keep investment soaring and break down trade barriers

Opinion: President Trump made his first official visit to the UK last week. He and UK Prime Minister Theresa May voiced support for securing a fair trade deal after Brexit. Dr. Liam Fox, the UK's trade secretary, says it's important that trade between the countries is mutually beneficial.
President Donald Trump

There’s a glaring problem with Trump’s trade war that could drag out the fight indefinitely

President Donald Trump can't nail down an outcome for his trade wars with China, Mexico, the European Union, and Canada. The vague goals will likely extend the trade war, according to experts, and also cause more harm to the Us economy.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s trade war is a ‘darkening cloud on the horizon,’ and Americans are starting to get worried

President Donald Trump's trade war is starting to make average Americans nervous. According to the University of Michigan's consumer confidence survey, the number of people mentioning Trump's tariffs in a negative light has more than doubled in the past two months.

Soybeans plunge to fresh lows as Trump’s trade war persists

Soybean prices dropped to a near-decade lows Friday as President Donald Trump showed no signs of backing down on threats to impose $200 billion worth of additional tariffs on China, the world's largest soy importer.

Rebuking Trump can be risky — so Republicans take to congressional hearings to berate administration officials on trade

In an era when swearing fealty to President Donald Trump is a nonnegotiable requirement in the GOP, Republican members of Congress are utilizing routine committee hearings to take out their frustrations with the administration's trade policies.
President Trump takes part in a welcoming ceremony with China's President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Trump kicked the trade war with China into high gear

President Donald Trump is nearing an escalation of the trade war. According to a new report, Trump si set to release a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods that could be subject to a new 10% tariff.

The dollar is sliding as US-China trade war materializes

The dollar fell Friday as President Donald Trump followed through with tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese products, prompting in-kind retaliation from Beijing.