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A trade deal won’t save the world’s largest economies from slowing down this year

Even if the US and China reach an agreement to end a trade war, the largest economies are still set to slow in coming months.

Trump said his trade war would pay off. But so far, experts see little evidence of meaningful change.

There has been little evidence China has committed to the structural changes the US sought when it started the trade war.

Trump moves his trade war to a new frontier as he kicks India and Turkey out of a $19 billion agreement

About $5.6 billion worth of Indian goods enjoy duty-free entry into the US under an agreement known as Generalized System of Preferences.

Stocks sink after economic data disappoints

Wall Street reversed gains Monday, ending lower after disappointing economic data and as a trade-fueled rally ran out of steam.

Trump’s trade war cost Americans $1.4 billion per month last year, according to new report

A spate of protectionist policies with major trading partners reduced real US income by $1.4 billion per month in late 2018, according to a new study.

America’s farmers are swimming in $409 billion of debt

American farmers are facing the most debt in decades.
SunPower Corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley, equipment technicians install P-Series solar panel manufacturing technology at its Hillsboro manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, Oregon, US

The US just got the latest sign manufacturing activity is slowing down

New orders for American-made goods rose less than expected at the end of 2018.

4 months after sealing a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, Trump begins attempt to win over Congress

"They don’t think they're going to have enough votes on their side obviously to pass it. They don’t," Pascrell added.

American agriculture companies are sounding the alarm on Trump’s trade war

Seven months into a trade war between Washington and Beijing, the US agriculture sector is in jeopardy.

Trump’s proposed car tariffs could trigger a global growth recession, BAML says

President Donald Trump has doubled down on threats to tariff car imports from Europe, a move that some analysts warn could cause a sharp downturn in global growth.